The "official" Muni Tyre Review Page

I don’t know that I can be as exhaustive as Sponge was on the trials tyres, but I do think we need more reviews on tyres for muni, so here’s my contribution:

Twenty-Four Inch Tyres:
24" Duro Wildlife 3"
Soft rubber, sticky, wears quickly, softer sidewalls, poor mud traction, fairly durable.
Good for lighter riders who want a soft rebound.

24" Intense DH 3"
Firm rubber, sticky, stiff sidewalls, long lasting, good mud traction, durable, heavy
Good for heavier riders, thopse who want more edge control for carving.

24" Kenda Kolossal DH 2.6"
A basic tyre, inexpensive, okay rebound, moderately soft tread, medium heavy, good in the mud, knobs wear oddly, poor hard surface performance
Good entry level tyre.

24" Arrow Racing Launch 2.35"
Good all around hard surface tyre, not a lot of volume, more of an XC trye, medium soft rubber, fairly lightweight, good construction.
A good trye for XC and lighter folks who don’t need a superduty tyre.

Twenty-Six Inch Tyres:
26" Gazz Jr 2.6"
Discontinued tyre, a lot like the Intense, maybe heavier, not quite as sticky, a good all around tyre, heavy.
Good for heavier riders, not worth paying extra since the Intense is available.

Medium soft rubber, sticky, good mud traction, decent volume for a narrow tyre, more of an XC tyre, but can handle tech and smaller drops depending on rider weight, moderately heavy
Good all around tyre for mixed riding.

Twenty-Nine Inch Tyres:
29" WTB Stout 2.35"
Biggest 29er tyre available, but still not a true muni tyre, sidewalls are soft, tyre is very heavy, tread is only moderately sticky, good for fast XC on hard surfaces.

29" Kenda Navegal 2.3"
A close second in size to the Stout, not a bad ride, not too sticky, good for XC, will handle paved surfaces.

29" Panaracer Rampage 2.35"
A nice MTB tyre, but too soft in the sidewall for muni unless it’s a firm surface as at low pressures this tyre will fold. Lighter than the Navegal and Stout, not a great paved suraced tyre.

Please feel free to add tyres not already listed, try to include width and weight where possible.

Good write up. Sets the seed for everyone else and gives a general idea.

I ride the stout on my kh29 and really love it. I started off with the kenda KLAW XT but never really liked it. It was too narrow had paper-thin sidewalls and had to be kept hard to prevent bottoming out and folding. I felt a massive improvement when I changed to the stout. The stout has a much larger volume (certainly feels it because you can run it at a lower pressure and make the most of it) and stiffer sidewalls. I can run my stout at much lower pressure and it soaks up the bumps really nicely. It is fairly heavy but I don’t feel the weight at all anymore. I have taken it off some pretty big drops and done some pretty tech Muni with it and I don’t feel it holds me back. Highly recommend it. If there was a larger, wider tyre I may go for it. I think a wider rim would probably do more for me though.

24" Nokian Gazzoloddi 3"
soft rubber, wears quickly, stiff sidewall, square profile, durable, heavy, expensive, rare.
The largest 24" tire available. Hard to obtain. Time proven MUni tire.

Amazing tire. Love mine. Need to find a cache of them somewhere to stock up before supplies completely vanish.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4 29" tyre, large volume and light (claimed 640g). Great for fast XC, nothing too tech. Doesnt work great at low presures due to light sidewalls, around 22-25psi works well for me, sorry dont know how much I weigh so that maybe doesnt help much.

For soaking up big bumps go for for the Stout, but the weight savings of this tyre are worth it to me (Stout- claimed 1100g), I really felt the difference when switching. Running tubeless on Nimbus 29er rim for maybe two months now, took a long time to seal but has been great ever since.

Great thread, I think people shouldnt feel bad about disagreeing with peoples reviews/opinions though, even if it is my own;)

What about the Arrow Racing wide bite or the IRC Kujo DH 3.0. I have never ridden these tires so if someone has some info on these would be a good thing to add.

IRC Kujo DH 3.0

- Large volume, even on my 38mm rim.
- Sidewalls are thin, but, If pumped at high-ish pressure.
- The profile is round.
- Very tall tire.
- Soft compound, but wears slowly.
- Its simply perfect

Absolutely my favourite tire… I’ve ridden : Kenda Kinetics Gazzoladi 2.6" Intense DH 3.0

The Kujo is my favourite tire.

will someone find me a trials 12" tyre plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz please please please someone find me a good 12" trials tyre.
I need one because I do trials on 12" Uni and I want to get the most out of it.
THANX, Uni98:D:) :sunglasses: :wink:
PS there pretty damn hard to find

No such thing buddy. Monty makes a 16" trials tire, but I have no idea where to get it.

I’m debating on getting for muni either a maxxis highroller or kenda kenetics. I have the duro wildlife and for me its a little too wide and heavy to handle well. I do need a tire with knobs though. There are muddy sections here plus lots of rocks/roots.

a wheelbarrow tyre might fit…

I ride a 24" maxxis high roller on my muni. Good grip (grippy tread pattern), light, sidewalls are inbetween, less air volume compared to 3". IMO 2.7 or 2.5 is better for muni and 3" is overkill. 2.7 still gives enough custioning when landing drops and it’s worth the weight saved IMO.

I guess it depends on the weight of the rider as well. A heavier rider (like me) will be more likely to need the cushioning of a 3" tire than a lighter one. I keep reading opinions of 14 or 16 year olds about tire volumes but mostly they simply don’t apply to riders (like me) weighing almost 160 pounds…:o

Maybe I should lose some weight though, it would definitely improve my poor hopping height…

Anyways, I really enjoy this thread. Keep the reviews coming! I don’t have much more to say about muni tires. I’m happy with the 3" Gazz on my 24" and 26", but since they are discontinued I am looking for alternatives now.

OK, probably will get the high roller then! I am the size of a 12 year old so for me the weight/size is hard to handle.

This one?

On topic, does anyone use a Continental Mountain King?
I’m thinking of getting the 29 x 2.4, and wondered if anyone has experience with them. If not, then I could add to the list when I get the tyre.

Did you read my post to your thread asking for suggestions?

You need a more aggressive tire for muni than a roller. The rollers are okay for hardpacl, but on wet conditions they suffer. A 2.5 is okay, a 2.6-2.7 would be better. Look for tires that are lighter that 1000gm.

A cheap tire to try in the Kenda Kolossal 2.6

BTW: I have been riding the 26 x 2.5 TYRALL STIKY for a few weeks and it is working out great. Not a super high volume tire, so I can’t bounce like I do on a 3", but it has plenty of volume for trail riding at my 200#. I run low air pressure 15-20# and have no rim hits. Also has a good bite in the mud for a 2.5" tire.

I wonder if that try-all stiky would fit with the KH26 frame. Could you measure the outside diameter in order to find out about that? Maybe I would get that frame then.

again with the trials 12" Could I just go to a bike shop??

I’ll get you a measurement tonight, though I’m pretty sure it’ll fit since this is the tire size Kris spec’d for the frame. BTW, there’s tons of room in the Nimbus frame :slight_smile:

What we also need is a frame crown height and width, maybe UDC could provide those dimensions?

Though I’m liking the tire, 2.5 is much smaller than a 3", so I don’t have the cushioning or bounce I’d gotten used to. It is way faster and smooth than my 24 x 3, sorta’ like my 29er with a Stout; but better of course :wink:

They do not make the kolossal anymore! But the one I was considering are the high rollers, not holy rollers. They look like this:

But I might get the Kenda 2.6 Kinetics. I put on a 2" tioga Comp III BMX tire with little tread. I cant seem to put back on DH tires well on the KH rim as I popped the tube lol and dont have extra. I was desparate to go on a night ride so I put on what I had. It felt literally like the uni was less then HALF the weight! Almost too easy to pedal now, not a major seizure to manage it and man did I go fast. No rolling resistance in comparison and easy to maneuver. The negative is that it was squirrelly and took a lot of balance as this tire is too narrow. But if I get better, sure on the road I will love a tire not too much wider then this. But for muni, I would say 2.6 may be good. I need good knobs, a touch less wide and definitely lighter weight. The trails here get very muddy in spring so I cant go with a more smooth tire in general.

For now I’ll keep the 3" one until I ride a 2.6 and figure its doable. I was having less of a problem with my knees hitting the tire as I’m learning to ride bow legged lol. I’m running out of money now so have to limit my purchases. My popped tube cost me the option to change to Nimbus seat so I guess I will custom the KH seat to be narrower in the center now.

Oh, I ordered a 2.6 wide tube, this is good for a 2.5 wide hookworm correct? Open for feedback on a good muni tire for me still. I guess Kinetics will be it. I’m under 100# so not sure if I need a 3.0 tire.