Surly Conundrum Frame (26 inches)

Hi everyone,

I bought one of the last Surly Conundrum frame in stock from a german retailer ( in June 2012. I installed it on my Large Marge wheelset and took it out for a ride 3 times.

Turns out it is a bit heavy for me (136lbs) or I am not in the utmost physical condition to keep up a technical ride for 2h (or both… ^_^). But it is a real pleasure to ride it and I am even convinced that you can fit a Surly Clown Shoe in it (100mm wide where the distance between the arms is 110mm).

Long story short, the frame is for sale (pictures here). As the price was in Euros and change rate fluctuate, I will say best serious offer gets it.

If you are up for a trade, you can have a look at my trade thread to have an idea of the part I specifically look for.

In both case, send me a PM to discuss it further :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention that it includes the receipt of purchase (for the warranty) as well as the seatpost clamp, the 2 seatpost adapter (27.2 -> 28.2 & 22.2 -> 28.2) and the 2 pairs of bearing adapter.

I will switch to a TRADE offer subject, hence closing this one :slight_smile: