Surely this is an insult to both unicyclists and sk8ers?!

Take a look at this :astonished:

Re: Surely this is an insult to both unicyclists and sk8ers?!

With 11 bids already it can’t be offensive to everyone… I’ve always wanted to ride one of those.

Yeah, ok, I’d probably like to have a go on one too. But I can’t see it having the long-lasting appeal of either a skateboard or a uni. My guess is that it would be pretty horrible to ride for any distance. Building up a repertoire of skills might be interesting though.

Id much rather have a my uni and skateboard seperate

I saw a guy riding this and he was moving pretty fast. It has speed like a bicycle.

HAHAHA, we have one of those. we call it the STUPIDCYCLE because it is just that. it is quite possibly one of the worst designs for a vehicle ever. you have to lean forwards a lot so that the thing doesnt tip over backwards and it is manufactured so crappily that the chain always falls off.

Sounds dorky.

Unicycle skate shuttle?

that is THE f***ing STUPIDEST thing i’ve ever seen. i’d print it out to show to my friends so that we could gawk at it’s stupidity, but i wouldn’t want to hurt my printer’s feelings.

dude that is the epitamy of gayness… and if i ever saw any one riding one i would get of my uni and slap them in the face


Am I the only one who finds it ironic that someone with an anti-homophobe remark in their sig just made a homophobic remark?

As for the werd thingy, I tried one at the flea market. They are really easy and pretty boring after about 2 minutes. A novelty, in essence.

Well spotted. :slight_smile:

its a skatebike, we have two, but they are both kinda old and crappy, and need work that no one wants to put into them.

they trucks are messed up so they lean way over, but when you can ride straight they are fun as anything

As a skater myself i find the term “Sk8ers” as an isnult to skating
it so gay and wanna be cool i find as degratin as that usles contraption


No no no, you got me all wrong I am not using the word as literally homosexual, I am mearly using gay as dumb, stupid, not cool, same word two different meanings. Such as, if someone were to say that it is cool they do not mean at a low temperature. They are simply refering to it as hip, neat, and/or shwazy. So in conclusion, I am not homophobic by any means I’m just a good wholesome democrat, so I am sorry for any angering of people.


where do you think this use of “gay” originated?

sorry for the tripple post but i ddint make that quote it is form the Kurt Cobain Journels very good book get it





long live the stupidcycle.

everyone and everything is gay, you’re gay, i’m gay, concrete mixing is gay, kittens are gay, the colors red through green are gay, lcd screens are gay, wall outlets are very gay, cd-rs are gay, polyester is gay, and pineapples are gay too. happy?

you say that you dont mean homosexual, but gay refers to homosexual, even in that context. people originally referred to dumb things as “gay” because of their opinions on homosexuality. people have just gotten used to saying it. that is like saying “retarded” does not refer to people with retardation. obviously it does even if you mean no offense.

right on man…