weird unicycle/skateboard

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They’ve been around a while, with multiple brands being made. I understand they are not like riding a bike OR like riding a unicycle.

I’ve got one that has had the front wheels cut off. The odd thing is that it has a coaster brake, so it’s actually a coasting unicycle at the moment. Not that I’ve tried riding it.

I know it as a Skate-Bike and can’t ride it for the life of me.

Yoopers once posted a thread about one that had the skater-wheels (‘truck’, yeah?) at the back and a bigger uni-wheel in the front.

My Friend jaco_flans has one… its hard…almost harder than a uni.

Well, if you live in the UK. You can have 1. :smiley:

This has already been [THREAD=65664]po[/THREAD]sted many times. I found these by searching “skatebike”.

Earlier this month I saw one of these on Craigslist and bought it the other night for $20US. It was made by a Lerun Industries in Malaysia. I’ve only tried to ride it a few times this week but as mentioned, it’s NOT like riding a bicycle or a unicycle. I didn’t expect it to be really. I just couldn’t resist it adding it to my collection of “wheel-things” for the grandkids to use in the future.

I’m currently learning how to unicycle with little luck, i learned to ride this thing in about 15 minutes. It’s way way easier than a unicycle. I’d say a little harder than riding a bike if even. Hops are tough because it’s so heavy but it does go pretty fast so it’s decent for riding around.

and people say unicycles are pointless…

LeRun Skate Bike

I need one!!! My husband tried my brother-in-law;s and is now obsessed! I have checked ebay, Craigslist, etc to no avail. Anyone have one sitting around that I can buy? I’m in Vermont . . . . .

I would LOVE to buy your skate bike if you are willing to part w/it. I’m in VT. My husband is obsessed w/it and I can’t find one anywhere!

Yup, and skatebikes are pointlesser. They came (in the early 80s), and they went (not too many years later). Unicycles are still around, and keep getting better! :slight_smile:

I have one of those crappy LeRun thing in my shed, I’ve used it once to get to school and to ride around for fun, then I broke my seatpost while trying to do a 3set:p It’s really pointless though.

Hahahaha nice handle