Sun flat top 24''-- Disaster

Very disapointing. I had this for about a few months and then everything went wrong… :astonished:

The entire hub twisted and made the cranks completely unaligned… :angry:
This made the unicycle very difficult to ride and practically worthless.

We returned the unicycle to the company and they replaced the entire wheel, hub, cranks (that whole area).

So I began riding it again and within a week the entire disaster happened again.

Just dont buy this :o

…what are you doing on it? it’s for just basically riding and turning. my first uni was a 60$ uni, and the cranks were fine until i tried to hop on it…

They got wrecked by normal riding and turning, it cost 129$ so i assumed this wouldnt happen… Then later i started hopping and that bent them more

129 is pretty cheap for a good uni, even used. If you’re a larger person, that’s probably the cause. A nimbus II is a really strong uni for your money, a qu ax works well too. Sometimes it’s best to just spend the extra beforehand. I’ve ridden this uni before, the only sun I think I’d buy is the 28" because it’s a cheap lightweight big wheel, and if something happens to it, oh well. (much prefer my 36 though)

Sun unicycles are total junk. A torker lx is much stronger. There is no reason for an informed cyclist to waste money on a sun uni. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, now that you can ride it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a nimbus II or other better unicycle. Even the lx I mentioned is only a beginner uni however mine did survive my first six months of offroad riding w/o an incedent (wheel is still true, everything still functions as intended I just stopped riding it so I would not break it now that I ride more aggressively). I weigh 195lbs

yeah, I just bought a torker lx 26… works great… :slight_smile:

My friend actually has the same one and he does some jumps and lands pretty hard…

It still is perfectly fine, Torker hubs are very strong…

i wa just about to buy a sun, but not any more.

good, they’re a waste of money

i called the LBS,told them i didn’t want it.the guy was telling my how good it was for jumping,i ig he dont ride them then.

The LBS dont know much about unicycles. 3 years ago when I bought my Norco M-uni the guy told me I could jump on it and it WONT break, I went back to the LBS 3 weeks after with a twisted hub and really really bent cranks. I got a refund and bought a K-1 uni… I should’ve bought a KH…:stuck_out_tongue:

i have done alot with this people b/c of BMX,and knowing there son,but i am looking in to a KH,or something now.if you now anything cheap,but good let me know.

I have a sun 20", it was our first uni, cost maybe $75. They are inexpensive for a reason: It’s a starter uni. Single wall rim, cotter cranks, cheap but effective for riding around when first learning. I still have it and it’s our loaner for people who want to try their hand at riding a uni.

Just like you wouldn’t take a Walmart mountain bike to a downhill course, you can’t expect a Sun to hold to hopping and drops.

You get what you pay for…

Get a Nimbus, Torker, etc…

I rode my sun 20in for years, and i have loaned it to 5 or 6 people to learn how to ride and it it finally done for a couple of weeks ago. if you are doing anything but learning how to ride i would recommend a nicer unicycle.

yea,i am looking a KH,and a nimbus…idk witch one…i could get the nimbus now,but have to wait a little bit for the KH

just sell yourself out to 10 fat chicks for $50 apiece. or to 1 really fat chick for $500.

I’d say to wait and get the KH. You wont regret it. :smiley:

Why? even with the Nimbus you wont regret it, and as soon as you get really good and you want to upgrade your uni with a KH frame you can do it. Nimbus unis are all compatible(except seatpost and clamp) with the KHs. I’d say, do with Nimbus now, and ride it until you decide you want to upgrade parts.

I reconise that you wont regret buying a KH though… it’s just really expensive, I’d rather have a uni NOW than wait. Both unis are as strong IMO.

Or a Torker dx a.k.a. TANK

that could work, but it would probably end up costing more money in the end.

The KH frame by itself is like 200 dollars.

What :thinking: :thinking: