Summer Street Video 2010 -Brandon Nankivell

Hey All,

This is my new video. All the clips were filmed from December 2009 to January 2010 in South Australia and some in Wellington, New Zealand. The majority of this video is street but there is some trial and flat. Please leave a comment.


Song- Respect by Joel Turner

cool video
540 side was nice and the grinds look awesome

Hell yeah! Awesome handrail! :smiley:

Cool vid. I enjoyed the street riding most.

Nice! I liked the 360 down the 4.5 set, the handrail, and the other long skate park rails.

Wicked man. Loved the handrail, and the other rails :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice treyflip, 5side, and doubleflip too. Keep it up.


360 down the 5 set
6 stairs handrail

Your 360 looked like a stutter 360, wich is cool but the landing wasn’t cool :stuck_out_tongue: You have the same snapping technique as Hugo for doubles.

Nice improvement but the music was horrible; it didn’t fit at all.
The 360 down the 4.5 looked sick though.

Nice, that trick at 1:11 was awsome!

Agreed. I hate my self for that! On the day it was raining, earlier on I got a better landing but we weren’t filming, the rain started to come so we had to film as much as possible as fast as possible so I ended up with a clip with a stupid landing. :astonished:

I do? Whats different about mine compared to others? I ride up slowly, and “stop it, pop it” as Joe Dyson and Muzzle told me. Haven’t landed anymore since UNICON.

i must b missing somthing here: logo at the start?
plus i really hope u wash that shirt every night cause i dont think ive ever seen u in a different shirt since before unicon (and thats including throughout unicon)!

sorry but i hav no respest for this song :stuck_out_tongue: horrible music

nice work on hitting the welly 5 set!!

I don’t think Mark has made my sponsorship official yet. :slight_smile:

I’m obsessed with it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t wash that shirt once when I was at Unicon! :stuck_out_tongue: but I was it at home yes.

its funny to see that you find it hard to treyflip, but can 540side spin haha!
nice vid man :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed watching that! A really nice video :slight_smile:

P.S. I think the music was good :stuck_out_tongue:

Your foot stays on the pedal for like the first quarter rev lol. Maybe try having out foot half off the pedal when you kick or just try kicking outwards more, I dunno. Also two hands can help with snap :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I’ll try that and also there is no way in the world I’m using 2 hands with a FLEXIBLE PLASTIC BASE. :wink: When I get my new frame in a few weeks, I’ll put my CF base and new tyre on so my unicycle is like half new!

I was hoping atleast one person would say that.

lol You’ll probably land doubles as soon as you get the CF base. They’re so much better.

oh! usually they inform me of such news but i geuss ill recieve an email in the next couple of days from them lol. welcome to the team

:astonished: dude! even by my unhygienic standards… thats gross! day after day of riding for 2 weeks and not a single wash?!