Suggestions for aggressive mountain bike pedal with green color

I’m looking to purchase a quality mountain bike pedal that is green… I’m most likely going to purchase the Monster Metal Concave at (usually can’t beat the options at UDC!!). However, there are some cool looking pedals out there. I’m just concerned about the strength/quality of these other pedals. So, I’m wondering if anyone has experience with other pedal options beyond Monster Metal Concave.

I did a search to see if there was a pedal review thread, but only saw Corbin’s review from 2007. Corbin, you’re crazy impressive. I’d love to see you in action one day. Maybe I’ll make it out for a Rob’s Ride one of these days (but only have a 29”).


I like the Crampon Ultimate pedals from Canfield Brothers if you are willing to spend like $150. They seem strong, but I don’t break much gear, they are thin, grippy, and light too.



Cheap but good and come in a rainbow assortment of colors.

If aluminum, there’s the Stamp by CrankBros and the OneUp aluminum–it’s green!

But I’m happy with the composite OneUps. They are amazingly grippy. The convex design makes sense on the uni. All the pins engage, not just the perimeter pins like a concave pedal… The Monster is fine but the above are better.

BTW The aluminum OneUps have the same major design features as the composites, just more expensive, green, and better inboard bearing.

Do you ride on the balls of your feet or on the arch area? I tried the composite OneUps on my 36er (which I ride on the balls of my feet) and found the grip underwhelming. I replaced them with DMR Vaults and they work much better for me.

The convex pedals might work better if you ride on your foot arches.

I do both, toward the arch when the going gets rough and tricky and toward ball of foot when spinning on smooth surfaces. Mostly I’m somewhere in between but can usually kind of curl my toes around the front to get extra grip when I don’t want to come off. I haven’t noticed that they are less grippy on the balls but they must be somewhat if the foot isn’t conforming the pedal shape. Maybe I have learned to ride with my feet concave to match the OneUps shape? I’m sure the Vaults would work for me too. I’d find a way to make the most of them…

Great feedback. Thanks very much, everyone. I’ve been riding on Nimbus pedals from ~2012. I ride on the balls of my feet and have not had any problems, other than my feet migrating a bit on the pedals after miles of riding (XC). I’m assuming the newer mountain bike pedals have more aggressive nubs and should be better.

This thread lead to these green pedals

Aww, I was gonna play that card here. :frowning:

pedal roundup
pedal roundup
pedal roundup
pedal roundup
pedal roundup
pedal roundup

John, those pedals look amazing. Thanks!

Wow, Eddie, thank you very much! That’s a ton of info. I really appreciate it.

What about the N8tive Pedals?

Thanks, Eric! Those all look really nice. I’ll read up on them after work. The Noax look super thin and really cool. At 10-mm thick, I wonder how durable they are. ones!!!
A classic for muni, with their nylon body they won’t ruin with our multiple UPDs…and also available in green!!!

Thanks, Fughi!

Love my Electron Evo’s on all my unis :smiley: Bright yellow on the 36", blue on the KH/G29.

I’d be interested to try others though, especially ones more suited for those of us with clown-size feet.

I did some experiments yesterday to identify where/when the OneUps are grippy for me. There are 2 things that seem to differentiate these pedals from traditional concave pedals for me:

  • I feel like my feet are resting on a large surface not just the perimeter of that surface. This feels better like it's a better surface to push hard against, more evenly distributing the force. My feet like it better.
  • I have less issues w/ my feet slipping at the 12 and 6 o'clock pedal positions where you may be relying more on the sheer strength of the foot purchase you have. This has allowed me to power out of binds that usually results in an off with less secure pedals. [/LIST]

    Of course, YMMV, this is just my experience. I want to try the Kona Wah Wah pedals to see if they work as well. I like the larger pedals for sure. Maybe the size is all that matters? Further experiments due…

  • Thanks, Unitardis. Go Rams!

    I have ridden the nukeproof electons for some time now (based on I believe Saskatchewanian’s recommendation). Still love them- lightweight, durable, and reasonably priced.

    If you want to be stuck with your pedals forever, get Straitline Defacto!

    No bearings, they run on bushings that you can replace yourself overtime. Big platforms, insane grip. They’re not light though. Lifetime warranty!

    Those Straitlines look nice!

    I’ve had mine since 2013 I think, I replaced my bushings twice only. They always have play in them, but to be honnest, I dont feel it when pedaling. They’ve been solidly abused hahaha.