Suggestions for a trials/light muni unicycle (and introducing myself)

Hi, I’ve been a lurker on this site for a little while and am now coming out of the woodworks in need of some help.

My real name is Kylen, and I go to Sierra College in Rocklin CA. My parents bought me a unicycle off 2 years ago as a b-day present, but I hadn’t learned to ride consistently until about a month ago. Now I’m addicted and ride every day. I’ve come to prefer trials, then muni, but my cheap uni isn’t going to cut it. What I want from this great community of unicycle addicts is suggestions/opinions on what unicycle I should purchase for mostly trials and, considering the rolling hills and wooded area I live in, some light muni.

The search feature has provided some insight, but not really enough for me to make a purchase.

Note: Although I wish for muni capabilities in my trials uni, I do plan on getting a second uni dedicated to muni, which will most likely be a 24”. But that won’t be for some time.


I went from a torker cx to a torker dx 20" and I love it :smiley:

The dx is like $250 and so far I havent had any serious problems with it

Once you switch from the learner uni to a real one, you will never go back. At first I didnt really like the DX, but now I feel soooo weird riding my learner unicycle now. :smiley:

i agree with NKahler on that one. Also a nimbus unicycle would be a good choice also as my friend has one and loves it to death. :smiley:

So you want a light trials uni (which I prefer for m-uni than a 24"er). The DX is quite heavy compared to others. For another $250, you can have a top of the line KH unicycle, which is:
-Lighter at 5.7 kg compared to 6.6kg+
-MUCH nicer seat: The DX seat unmodded is a cock masher. The KH is low profile, comfortable, and easy for seat in front.
-Nicer cranks: Cranks that are very easy to grind with, crank grab, etc. Also note that the DX has 125mm cranks which absolutely suck for trials. KH has 137s (better leverage) which is the perfect length for trials and even street.
-True ISIS hub. This essentially means that any ISIS cranks can be put on this hub.
-Comes with Jim C Pedals, which are nice, grippy pedals. They are the pedals of choice of many riders on this site.
-A wider rim at 47mm (compared to 38mm), which is very nice for trials (your tire folds over less, and gives more bounce to your hops.
-A aluminum frame that is amazingly light, strong, stiff, and doesn’t have the retarded clearance that the DX has. Feet on frame tricks are much easier done a KH than a DX.
-Amazing customer service: If you have any questions regarding your uni, Kris will often give in depth answers within a few days.

Ask yourself this: How many hours of enjoyment will unicycling bring me? How much does other serious hobbies cost? A mediocre mountain bike can easily go over $2000, and the top end ones up to $10 000.

I’d personally go the extra mile and get the KH. You won’t be disappointed.
The KH 19"

B4 i forget.

:smiley: Welcome to the forums Apoc56. :smiley:

Yes, welcome to the forums. It is nice to see that you took time to write your post and learned about the search feature without someone yelling at you. Most newbies do not leave a clean entrance, congrats.

For any other questions, feel free to PM me. :slight_smile:

I say a KH20 if you have the money, as they have the reputation and truly are great unicycles.

Or if you don’t have enough money, get the nimbus ISIS trials uni - arguably the second best out there at the moment.

Others to consider are:
Koxx one unicycles ( )
Torker DX… people say they’re good
onza… quax, and so on

welcome to the forum

A KH isn’t really twice as expensive as a dx. I bought my KH 20 last May for 368$ delivered to my door. It’s a long story, read this thread if you are intrested

mee too, except mine was 371.49 :stuck_out_tongue:

i would suggest going with the nimbus. it should be better than a DX, the only unproven thing on it is the hub, and it happens to be a replica of the KH hub, so you have nothing to worry about there. The cranks are iffy, but they are new to the market. if you break anything thats what it will be. it is a beasty/fairly light uni w/o a beasty pricetag.

the DX is basically the same deal but heavier, and has pinchbolt cranks.

i think that the new nimbus just made the DX worthless…

The difference is night and day buddy. Read my post earlier.

Welcome to the area, Rocklin! That’s where I lived when I first came to CA in 1994. Now I’m in Carmichael. I’m not very into Trials but I do organize the occasional group MUni ride on trails in the area. There are lots of great trails in Auburn and other places around here:

If you’d like to get on my mailing list just send an email to my address which is spelled out below. As for what type of Trials to get, get a KH. You didn’t mention having a budget. :slight_smile:

I love my Jim Cielenki pedals… but you are wrong here.

Since your list is comparing the features of a DX and a KH20… this is very wrong.

The Wellgo pinned platform pedals the DX comes with are probably 5x or more, grippier than the Odyssey pedals.

I ride Jim Cielenki’s, I won’t switch, unless I buy the Trail Mix pedals…

Also, Jim Cielenki’s are very heavy compared to 95% of the pedals out there.

If you want grippy light pedals, go with these.

445 grams compared to 731.

FWIW, prices are basically the same as nowadays. The 20" KH is $499 on both sites. The Torker DX 20" is $259 on and $229.99 from on eBay.

Qu-ax crossfire

I can hardly ride a unicycle but this seems good.

Thank you

Thanks a lot for the replies. They were very helpful and I think I’m going to go with the KH Trials as soon as I can get a few more dollars together :slight_smile: I think it’ll be worth it after everything I’ve read and your guys’ help.

Thanks very much.

Umm, one more thing. What about a cross trials/muni shoe? suggestions?

Thanks again


You will love the KH. =p

For shoes, its very different. For me, I love the sturdy support and amount of grip hiking shoes give, and the ankle coverage is a help.

I also like skate shoes with a good waffle/grid pattern on the bottom.

There are some shoes made for trials, but I have never tried them.

If anything though, try to wear something with a solid sole/bottom, a design to offer decent grip on the pedals, and durable sides.

Shoes are personal. I know riders that ride m-uni with high ankle support hiking boots. I like no ankle support as I feel “restricted”. I like my converses for all types of riders.

Converse just ripped too much for me with muni, street, and trials, and the sole was very flexy. Im sure I have a few clips where you see the shoe just bending down and over the pedal.

I do love them for their flexibility. They are like a better sock. =p

Not to highjack, but this thread was very useful to me, and I wanted to get some more information pertaining to this.

At first, I wanted a coker, then I wanted a 29, and recently, I have been set on a 24, but now that I read this, I am wondering if I should just go for a 20". I live in NYC and I don’t use my uni for commuting. I just use it for joy riding and at the moment beginner tricks (my uni probably won’t survive more than a 6 inch drop). I want to be able to use my unicycle on trails, but, with my environment, I will be using it mostly for trials.

So my question is, will I really get pissed off at how slow a trials will go, or will I be able to deal with it.

(the farthest I really go with my uni is like 1 mile)