Stupid thread, but look!

Ok, i got a kris holm 20" trial 2007, with shaved maxxis CC
and i do anything on it to make it better, without using money?:stuck_out_tongue:

I mean like the seat or something like that…

Not really… Next time make the thread with an actual title, not something like what you put…

So what do you need from us? :slight_smile:

If you want “better” you might say in what way.

Better looking
Better riding
Better tasting

better looking and stronger!

make it out of cement…

BAHAHA, lol imagine that!

Practise on it.

obviously the best upgrade!
it would be like the skoda advert but its wont be a car it would be an edable kh20 with shaved CC tyre! mmm edable unicycle:p

haha cement, that would be cool! :smiley:

but bloody heavy and useless for trials… and street… and freestyle… and muni…, and err well everything really

of course it would be useless, but it would be freakin awesome haha! or a candy unicycle

Apart from constructing buildings made entirely out of cement unicycles. I think we’re on to a winner here.

I’m with the cement idea!

(Or, buy a Koxx one seat post clamp. They’re pretty! And you could powdercoat your frame and/or rim to make it prettier too. But really I think it would look good in cement colour)