Streets of San Francisco ride pics

Here is a link to a few pics from Sundays 40 mile S.F ride. The ride was awsome and weather was great :smiley:

San Fran is huge. really huge.

It sure was another fantastic ride! I’m working on photos - looks like I’ll be able to combine mine with at least Daniel’s and Geoff’s. Will post when ready.


Where did you find all those unicyclists?

Mostly under rocks. They have to be big rocks if they have Cokers with them… :slight_smile:

There is a Bay area email list of unicyclists, and they usually have at least one ride of some sort or another every weekend. This ride had 15 Cokers and Grace on her Easy Racer recumbent. Four of us (me, Jess Riegel, Tim Bustos and Robert-Daytripper63-Allen) came out from the Sacramento area. Great training for the upcoming MUni Weekend, with an estimated 3000’ of climbing along the route!

My pictures are still in my camera… and I broke my Sidekick/cell phone in a crash! My camera, and everything else in my butt bag were undamaged in my rollover but the Sidekick’s screen got cracked. Fortunately it’s insured! :slight_smile:

It was a beautiful day, if a little cold, and another great SF ride for me. My first time was last year, and I had never even been to some of the sights along the way! Here are my 2005 pictures:

Yes, this was an amazing ride! I really didn’t take many photos, and I also never offered up my camera for the group shots… But here they are:

Definitely going to do this again next year.


P.S. Before the ride I almost got killed by the E-unicycle.

i would fly out for a california coker weekend if one ever got organized. really.

The next MUni Weekend I organize (which I hope won’t be next year, hint hint) will include Coker/29er rides. On dirt, of course.

I’m sure a SF-area Coker weekend, road or mixed road/dirt, could be arranged, possibly in combination with the annual tour if organizers are interested…

This sounds like “Garys” que

Jess, you look so small next to your coker with it’s long handle.

No, it’s really not. People who live there lie to themselves and think otherwise, though. Really, it’s a 30 minute bike ride, corner to corner (I used to commute it).

I wish i could’ve been there. I would’ve been on a bike (no shame), but still…

Gawd, the weather looks awesome. It takes me back to when I was 17 almost 27 years ago and I rode my bike up from Los Altos to San Francisco and rode up to Twin Peaks and back. Later rides took me out to the Golden Gate Bridge and across. San Francisco is a beautiful city when the fog God allows clear views. Though, it has it’s beauty in the shrouds of fog as well.

Wonderful day for you all of you. Sounds like great fun!!:slight_smile:


Google Earth Downieville Downhill

If anyone is interested and has Google Earth, I’ve roughed in the Downieville Downhill Ride as best I can tell.

There are tons of good big wheel trails in the Bay Area; a lot more big wheel trails than real MUni trails, really. I could definitely put together some epic mixed rides in the East Bay hills, on Mount Diablo and Mount Tam, and on the Peninsula (not very much dirt in San Francisco itself). And if you extend down to Santa Cruz, the famous Rob’s Ride along with plenty of other options as well.

I put together an album that has a couple of videos plus my photos and some of the best from Geoff Faraghan, Daniel Inouye and Gary Kanuch, 71 in all. With Gary’s new map and turn-by-turn directions (see the end of the album), I think it would work out ok to have even more riders. He has scheduled the next ride for Sunday Sept 9, 2007, so mark your calendars and get yourself to San Francisco that day for the 5th Annual Scenic Unicycle Tour of San Francisco.

Here is the album:


sorry, wrong thread…

Yes! Lets do Mt Diablo on big wheels! Up on road down on dirt.

Thank you very much guys for those awesome pictures, they are really inspiring to go and ride the big wheel, its been too long since I did anything longer than 10 k, maybe I will do a ride this weekend.

Excellent idea! Less-fit riders can skip all or part of the ride up. Now what do we use for the rest of a weekend that includes Mt. Diablo? Rockville Hills Park could work for Coker and MUni also (separate routes)…

I forgot to add, that I wanted to know where to get those amazing pedals! I have destroyed my pedals and they are now gouging my shoes and those looked like amazing street pedals.