Streets of San Francisco ride pics

Mount Tam would definitely work, and there are a number of potential rides in the East Bay hills (Redwood, Briones, Lake Chabot). Rockville seems too small to interest Coker riders, although it’s outstanding MUni terrain.

Those pedals are the Speedplay Drillium pedals. Bruce bought them at an LBS in Santa Cruz - $109. I checked a couple of places on line that had them and the price was the same but maybe you can find them cheaper somewhere. mscalisi has been using the same type for at least a year and likes them a lot. Don’t you love their marketing lingo: “Cooling holes to dissipate heat during re-entry”.

Here’s the photo in my album:

I’ll post about a Coker Muni weekend later - a great idea.



The Bay Area Muni list is here: it was originally for Santa Cruz Muni only but we use it for Coker/Muni/Trials events all over the Bay Area and nearby. Sign up if you’re interested.


On the idea of a Calif Coker Muni Weekend, one day at Mt Diablo is a fine idea. Rockville Park is probably too small to be interesting for Coker Muni. I think the second day should be in Santa Cruz. I would recommend a series of ride options, all starting at or near Rob’s house:

Option A for novices: Ride to Wilder Ranch and back: 14 miles, mostly level, mostly on road, some easy dirt road. 3 hours for slow group

Option B for intermediate: Rob’s Ride: 19.5 miles, 1000’, half on dirt with some excellent single track options. 3-4 hours in a slow group.

Option C for hardcore: Rob’s Ride Plus: we have numerous variations up to 40+ miles, one includes wine tasting - these are all day rides.

Option D for insane: Last Chance Rd and Big Basin Park:

Actually we could easily host 2-3 days of Coker Muni in Santa Cruz. It turns out that all the trails we thought were so intense while learning Muni are actually PERFECT Coker Muni terrain.

Compared to the rides in and around Santa Cruz, Mt Diablo has quite a bit of (somewhat boring) climbing, all on road, which is a drawback.


I have Beau hoovers socks I forgot to give them back, I’ll give them back next weekend.