[street] WARNING

tell me what you like and what you dont like!

Cool song. it looks like your flip tricks are coming along nicely. You are crazy to not wear shin pads.

Eh, didn’t think the music fit the riding. Other than that, nice vid.

what is shh–inn p-addzz? :thinking:

so what song and band is that?

good, but i think the music ruined it…

nice work, flip tricks are great, that was a double flip at the start right? grinding is awesome, unispins seem to be a bit behind the rest of your skills though. and rolling hops as well. didnt like the music at all sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. I was surprised to see your double with no shinpads, considering how badly you killed your calf learning doubles. Especially with those metal pedals… scary.

I loved the music.

I’m currently using a hip-hop song for my new vid. After seeing this, makes me want to stay true to my rock and metal roots and change my song choice to something a little gruntier.

Maybe next time… I don’t think I’ll be able to stand re-editing my vid, for the 5th time.

That’s not even music…

Pfff, you guys don’t know what music is.

Don’t do it!

BTW, nice vid. The music fitted well. All street should videos should be fast paced and angry IMO.

Yeah, I changed my metal pedals for plastic one :sunglasses: and that true that my unispins arent really that great, catch the seat is hard for me. Music was Daysend and the song is THIS IS A WARNING.

Daysend are great. I started listening to them after Krisz’s video by Sinco.

Nice video, liked it music was bad unfortunately, but other than that it was great :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

nice video. i need to work on 360 unispins.

Good Music. Good Video.

+1, im doing the same thing with my vid :roll_eyes:

looks good. Love the music and riding.

That video’s my favourite of all time! But I still can’t say I like Daysend. I’ve kind of gone off metal, I got my haircut :P. But it’s still good in street vids.


Cool riding, horrrrible music.