Street Video - Pokémon

New street video. Enjoy.


ps. I’m going to try to upload all my videos in higher quality to or sometinhg soon. so sorry about the quality.

Awesome dude. Very nice!

Crazy Cool Collalto.

Nice, thats really awesome. I like the way you use obstacles. The fifth down the 4 was crazy.


that was awesome. what does pokemon have to do with it though?

the jump up on the wooden horse was cool…wish i could jump that high…
so was the 540 down the stairs


Sweet video, loved all of it.

EDIT: Really liked the 540. Now to add a full rev into it. =p

great video, you are by far the best street rider out there


Another hopless vid ???

Very good video, great variety of style, my favorite from you so far. I really liked all the stair set stuff, especially the fifth flip and 540 ( :angry: You got it down a set before me :roll_eyes: ). It was good to have different angles.

I have nothing else to say…good vid !


how many ppl can fifth flip other than Shaun :sunglasses: and you? :thinking:

Edit:and Hugo.

I dunno what a 5th flip is so I wasn’t sure what to look for…but nice vid!

Beast! Fifth flip down 4 was the craziest!

540 unispin with a crankflip.

I think Hugo was talking about a 540 spin (not sure?).

Loic can fifthflip, Remi did one in Frogs, thats all I can think.

Cue “who is better; Luke or Shaun?” threads…

wow, that was awesome.
definately best i’ve seen in a while.
luke for life!


I LOVE YOU!!! You are my god
(stalker much)

AWESOME riding man, keep it up:D

Very impressive, Luke. Much more impressive than Brownboy!