Street Video - Pokémon

Was that a McFlip I saw in there?


Luke… Wow…

Congratulations, that was insane.

i dont even dream about unicycling that good.

OMFG, i was sitting here at my desk almost dozing off…
Can i put a link to that on my myspace???

Thanks for the comments all!

Sure was, although I seem to be calling them trey sideflips.

No problems with that.

waw, just waw


I love it how Shaun goes no hops! but only Luke does it?

That was insane. I have no idea how to even put it. There were just so many new tricks and lots of inovative stuff in there… groundbreaking.

Edit: Shaun, if you’re still gonna make that set record vid, you’re gonna have to 5th flip a 5 set. Good luck with that.

Hum, damn I dunno what to mention first. So many did before. I think the best thing in the video is your cap!

Whum, last time I tried uploading on utv, the upload-appelt doesn’t work. I need to fix that after the weekend when I’m back from competition. Anyway contact me or olaf via pm, regarding the upload-thingy.


HOLY !@&^ that had to be the best riding i have ever seen. Now since I used to be big into skateboarding before uni my favourite video was rodney mullen vs daewon song, but what about… Luke Collalto vs shaun johanneson??? hmmmm??? yes yes? or this could work for any other two street riders

This may have already been asked but:

What pedals do you use? In your video they look like huge, square, flat-black colored pedals. They look really good, I would like to get some like that.

Which are they, could anybody point me in the direction of them?

On Topic-

WAY awesome video Luke. I truly belive that you are THE best street rider. I love your style and how you flow so well. That jump onto the saw-horse was absolutley amazing. Hands down, you are my hero. You’re my favorite unicyclist to watch, and you’re my inspiration. Your fifth-flips are amazing. I can barley imagine doing a 540 unispin, but doing it with a crankflip just amazes(sp?) me.

Way to go Luke! I love your videos, keep making em’!

Great riding;)

Stunning style, amazing tricks.

Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you’d ride even harder now since getting on the KHU team!

As an (expat) aussie, I’m beaming with pride :smiley:


I enjoyed it
very nice ride
good bye
Romain B.

Fantastico! I love you.

that was awesome

dude you totally should have grinded those big, high, arched rails:D

Hey, Pierre-Yves, aren’t you “chevalier”?

nice fifth flip

thats all you can say about that awesome video…
it was crazy and i cant stop watching it.

i remember in that melbourne trip video everyone referred to you as ‘silver frame dude’

you have really progressed since then, nice work, i like how you do really technical tricks down (and sometimes up) sets!