Street Video - If and Only If...BUC Video Competition winner

Hey everyone, I submitted this video to the judges at BUC and it won! Woohoo! Please note that there are a few grinds in there that are blind, but I didn’t label them because they are just straight grinds (the rail just before the credits is done blind).

Enjoy! I had fun making it.

Kevin McMullin

Nice one Kevin.

those bluntsides and over-blunts are just a bit tasty!


Look at the overblunt people, you can see Shaun in the background completley unfazed (phazed?).

Excellent vid, I loved seeing it so much, you deserved to win for sure.

Great seeing you again,

Who’s was that KH unicycle in it though?

Mike Swarbrick

you like going big and nutting rails eh? excellent vid, the best grinding vid I have probably ever seen

The blinds and blunts are just rediculous! I am blown away! great job! What was your favorite part of the vid?

probably the best video ever.

Wo that was sweet stuff man. Great to see a video from you not to mention one of these video competitions.

I like the skateboarder in the background who’s trying to land a kickflip and Kevin pulls a masive overblunt grind. (::smiley: :slight_smile:

awesom video

cool to see how you get up after a fall and try it again

it was a such a cool video, real nice editing and all. its gonna have to be a download and keep jobbie :smiley: cheers

Good god Kevin, you’re wearing a shirt with my gf on it. Looking for a fight? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video though, glad you won!

It’s gotta be said, you have guts! Pure commitment and that’s what we like to see. Hope your ankle’s ok.

That was crazy, I liked it a lot.

Thanks for posting that Kevin! Great stuff.

Filming with Kevin is quite an experience because he doesn’t seem to give up on anything until he lands it or is too injured to try anymore…

Awesome work man!

Those blind grinds were great. I loved the 360-ish thing to grind and the last grind on that green rail (grind to blunt?).

I wasn’t expecting a six set flip, but it was nice.

Was that a late 180 down the six?

Awesome vid dude

Nice vid Kevin. Good to see some more of your riding!

nice video. are you gonna try that kink rail again?

Yeah, the trick was like a 270 into a blind grind. I think you could do a full 360, because you turn to the left and grind on your left if I’m correct. The trick on the rail is labeled as an oveblunt. I start on my good side, hop over and grind on my blind side. And as for the 180, yeah, it was meant to be late, but it wasn’t as good as I wanted it. Take it as you want. My favourite part of filming for it was hanging out with Shaun, and convincing the security guard to let me stay so I could hit the blind grind down 9. Good times.

Kevin McMullin