BUC Video Competition Winner - If and Only If

Here is the link to the thread in the video forum. Hope you Enjoy!!

Kevin McMullin

Kevin…great vid! I love watching your style. You got some crazy stuff. At the end, was that a 9 set that you blind slide? We have got to get together someday to ride.


Come to North Carolina anytime and we can ride. And yeah, its a 9 that I slide on my blind foot. It’s Shaun holding the camera who’s like “YESS YESSSSS”! I had just successfully convinced a security guard to let me stay to do my trick (the one in the video), so that was a bonus for the day. Later man.


Ive seen it at BUC and on Connie’s laptop and it’s still so good haha, good job! I so love the grind to blunt over it is so sweet.