Street unicycling wikipedia site

I’ve done heaps to this in the last few days and I want other people to add to it, fix it, discuss it. :slight_smile: Yeah I knew you’d love it John :wink:

That’s great Pete! It’s looking a lot more complete, professional and formal!

How about a section: “The History of Street Unicycling”?

Good job on the paragraphs at the top, it was looking a bit blaze before.

For a bit of constructive critisism I’d point out that the descriptive paragraphs at the top are a little biased, even though I prefer street riding aswell :):

What do you think?


I agree with you Andy, and for what its worth those actually aren’t my words… I started out with a paragraph that someone else had written about street. So yeah I agree and I’ll change those lines

OK I made the edits, you like?

I think a “history of street” would be good if you can find much to say about it? I have already gone to a few lengths to find out who did what and when, if you read through all the descriptions of the tricks.

It definitely does need some more stuff, probably “notable street riders” would be good one to have.

Oh yeah, and a synopsis of the available DVDs might be useful also


Nice job.

I have a few questions :
The only difference between “small spin” and “varial” is the position of the seat before the jump ?
Wouldn’t it be useful to precise that the rotations in these tricks are in the same direction ?
(bigspin=fullvarial seat out as well ?)

I don’t like the definition of “inward unispin” : The way it is described, it sound like a bodyvarial. The unispin done in this case is a 360.

The definition of inward small flip is weird, i would have prefered something like : “crankflip with inward unispin”
It is hard to imagine a hickflip which is “crankflip +unispin” combined with a body varial where the “unicycle stays stationary…”

Suggestions (something like) :

smallspin, bigspin : precise the rotations are in the same direction

Inward unispin : a 360 unispin with a 180 jump twist but both in opposite directions, this way the unicycle rotates 180° compared to the ground.

Varial : smallspin started seat in

Body varial : a 180 unispin with a 180 jump twist but both in opposite directions, this way the unicycle stays stationary compared to the ground


hey manu.
i wrote the inward unispin (flip) description.

a varial is the same as a small spin yes, but started seat in. i’ll change that

and an inward unispin is not a 360unispin. it is simply a 180unispin and a 180 body varial in the opposite direction.

body varials have nothing to do with the unicycle motion. if you say the unicycle does a 180 unispin it implies that it is spinning.

So you take the ground as a reference for the unicycle spin, and not the rider’s body.

Here the point of reference for the spin is no longer the ground but the rider. (And it is the same with small spin…). If i am not making a mistake, here the unicycle spins 360 compared to the ground.

This changing way of counting the spins confused me and i looked for something to unify this.

I am not trying to destroy the great work done so far, just to make it more understandable. In order to be completely clear, it should always use the same references.

Consider a unispin 180 in a determined direction. If your body does an additional 180 it could lead either to a varial or to a body varial depending on the direction your body rotates.
Compared to the body, the unicycle does the same 180 spin in both cases.
Compared to the ground, the unicycle does either 360° or 0°.

Am i the only one disturbed by such things ?


ok ill add at the end of each desciption the amount of spin that the unicycle does in comparison to the ground.

eg a 180/180 unispin varial, the unicycle would spin 360 in relation with the gorund

if im able to post video shortcuts. i will video every trick i can do and put video sample of the trick. i will have a little trouble that shaun might help me out with, but it should have working video samples by the end of the week.

Yeah tomsey do that, I’ll help with what I can. Uni is out for now, so I’m not looking at anything for alittle while, sorry.

-Shaun J

Yeah on the hickflip…I wasn’t the first to land it…at the time, I hit it down the biggest set and shaun named it after me.


Genius nickname, pure genius

I have my name on there :smiley:

Haha, yeah thats better.


Just so you guys know, there is also a street section ( of the unicyclopedia, a wikibook hosted by wikipedia. I think one of them should be linking to the other, rather than maintaining two separate lists of skills.

You going to put donkey kicks in there somewhere?


Done. Does anyone know anything of the history of the donkey kick?

Pretty Sweat. One of my friends did a speech: how to/the history of unicycling for school, the teacher liked his uni and the kid got an A. In the picture at the top of the wikipedia page some dude from Australia is doing a “sexchange” what trick is that?

Somebody should put a link to: this site lists the skill levels, and gives a video of each trick in each level

There’s already a page at that talks about skill levels etc. (but maybe could use some videos)

The street unicycling page however is all about street unicycling…

It’s listed under the flip tricks!