Street tire on a KH26?

The KH26 came with a 127/150 crankset, it’s currently on the 150 holes, guess I’ll try the 127 holes first.

Just for the completeness of this post: I have the chance to get a Schlumpf hub, so I decided to build a wheel around it. This time since the rim I ordered is slightly narrower (40mm comparing to 47mm of the KH26 rim) and it is hookless, I’m gonna install a DTH 26x2.3 on it.

I also reorganized the tire candidates in the main post into a table so if someone comes across the same river, hopefully it could be more helpful.

The DTH has a number of variants and not all of them are available in all markets and sizes.

My first DTH was a 24 x 1.75, 120 TPI Silkworm casing with a dual compound. Hard in the middle and soft on the side so rolled and wore quite well but still had excellent grip on turns. That tyre really sold me on the DTH.

I’ve only been able to get 60 TPI single compound in the 26 x 2.15 DTH both in foldable and wire bead. I wish for a foldable bead, dual compound, 120 TPI version.

BTW I also use a Maxxis Torch 29 x 2.10. It rolls incredibly well due to the slick centre of the tread even though the compound is very soft. Very low camber sensitivity but is it is easily punctured and it is not a long lasting tyre.

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I ordered the 26x2.30 /wo EXO (black wall) version. My dealer stocks all three variants of that size, but they are all 60psi.

Yes 60 psi but what I was referring to is TPI. Threads Per Inch. This is the number of threads in the weave of the material in the carcass.

The higher the thread count the more pliable the tyre. The more flex of the tyre the better the ride and it is also one of the main factors contributing to the camber effect, with a more pliable tyre having less camber problems.

Thanks for clearing that up!
It seems they only have 60TPI version for 26" DTH tho. All variants of 20" and 24" are 120TPI.