street pedals

I’m looking to get some good street pedals. I would like them to have big platforms, be metal, and not super grippy. I have muni pedals that are insanely grippy, and crappy plastic pedals that you fall off of riding up hills, and am looking for somehting inbetween.

demolition pedals have a really big platform, and are pretty good pedals. also odyssey cilienckis, and primo tenderizers are both decent pedals. you can see them at or

I’m a huge fan and supporter of Axiom Double jumps. They have really long pins so they can be very grippy but they don’t have any pins in the middle of the pedal and the surface of the pedal is completely flat so it means that you can still do flip tricks and the like with them without much more difficulty. Also if you remove the pins off of one side they are super slippery and will therefore slide really nicely, but I don’t find I have any problems doing pedal grabs with them.

They are also Magnesium pedals so they are very light, almost as light as plastic pedals, and they are very strong, although I would still recommend getting pedal protectors for them as they aren’t quite as strong as steel. I also found them to be cheaper than Jim C’s which was quite nice. An extra ten bucks in my pocket feels like alot these days.

Animal Hamilton!!! they are the best ever. They’re like Jim c’s but a bunch lighter. They rock for street.

They arent that much lighter than jim c’s and they arent nearly as strong.

Definately get Jim C’s. They wont let you down.


I will have to agree with Max on this one.

Not just because I have Jimmy C’s, but because Luke’s axel has bent :wink:


I guess JC’s it is:)

Jeeze you guys. It wasn’t even my axle that was bent, I changed the axle and you guys still thought it was bent, there was something wrong with the washer on my crank or something.

Ok they’re not heaps lighter but they are lighter. And they have perfect grip for street riding.

good choice


primopro or haros are the way to go they arent too exphensive or too grippy

I liked Haro Big Block Mags for street. Big platform, super light magnesium, but not very grippy, cheap, and lasted me over a year of almost every day riding.

I hate (well, dislike) Primo tenderizers for muni or street, they just don’t feel right with my feet.

bulletproofs might work well

once you get your pedals get a grind plate. They sell em on Komando makes it.

Or just get flat pedals with removable pins and remove the pins (alot cheaper that way)

also, what would be better for a mix of trials/ street, twisted plastics or JC’s?

I like the looks of the primos. I have heard they are good and I also heard that jc’s are good and a few other ones I forgot the name of. they only pedals I have tried s the lx, wellgo pinned pedals, and those cheap type. I am going to get me some primos the next time I order something off udc probably

free pedals

I just scored on some new pedals. Problem is that I’m still a newb. But I’m sure they will come in handy when I get better. Until then I stick with the stockers and beat them up before I switch em out. Can anyone testify to the quality and performance of “Forte Shovel” platforms?
From my bmx experience the pedals look solid and grippy. Sealed bearings, good concave. I can remove the set screws if I don’t want all the grip it provides and I’ll more than likely do that.

thos elook pretty good. i think I’m gonna get some plastic oddyseys for now though.

Those look like some awesome pedals, I wouldn’t mind trying some out. They look very strong although maybe a bit heavy.