Street/Flat Pedal Idea

Today I started learning footplants and about 1/3 of the time I can’t complete it because my pedal flips around to where it would be very hard to jump back on the unicycle. The same thing can happen with unispins and just about every move you do with your feet off the pedals.

What I thought about was putting a small magnet on the inside edge of both pedals on both sides of the axel, so that when your feet left the pedals the magnet would be attracted to the crank and the pedal would stay flat. While you were riding you would probably have to put a tiny bit more pressure on the pedal to move, but such a small amount that it wouldnt really matter.

What do you think?

I like the idea because when doing rolling 180 unispins sometimes the pedal flips and my foot gets stuck inbetween. The only problem I see with it is when doing crankflips the will need to be perfect 360 (720, 1080) rotations or else you may not be able to get your foot to get on the pedal.

or you could put a small weight on the bottom of the pedal…similar to this:

you wont need the straps, but that thing on the bottom keeps it so the pedal stays upright. And I know these pedals wouldn’t work good, but a similar but better design may. :roll_eyes:

The magnet is lighter I think… If this system works well, I would buy or make one…

For crankflips I think if you got within 30-40 degrees it would still be landable.

The wieght idea would work but I think it would prevent you from grinding.

EDIT:Unless someone comes up with a major reason this wouldnt work I will try it and report back.

This would not work actually.

It would just make the pedal horizontal at all times. Not alligned with the cranks.

Or you could practise. No one takes up unicycling because it’s easy.

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If the weight that was attached to the bottom of the pedal was a grind plate, it would improve grinding.

I had a grind plate on the bottom of my uni and I took it of cause I thought it was annoying(Every once and awhile my foot would land on the plate).

@ mikefule i could practice a ton so that my pedals never moved but it would be much easier just to apoxy some magnets on my pedals;)
ie: you could practice a ton so that you didnt need pinned pedals but it is much easier to get pinned ones

grindplate: i’m to lazy to build a grindplates for my pedals… much easier just to glue on magnets and they r way lighter:)

Meh. You would still want to keep going over bigger and bigger obstacles. I could stand on a waxed grind plate to do pretty much everything I could do 6 months ago, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like pinned pedals.

I think the magnets would make it feel freaky to do certain things. I really wouldn’t want to use that setup.

Just don’t buy pedals that are too loose on the spindle. I hate pedals that swing freely around. My muni pedals are getting that way so I might shove something in them to clog them up so they won’t spin as easily :stuck_out_tongue:

Just practice. Ive landed with my pedals having the pins up, or on the side with no pins, and its fine. When I ahd a grind plate I landed on that a few times, but tahts not too bad either. But landing with the pedal in a position other than perfectly flat isnt hard or a big deal.


my pedals for some odd reason always end up perpendicular to the ground so when i jump on them my foot flips off the pedal

well then try magnets

Have you lost any pins ? Remember it will always fall so the heaviest part of the pedal is at the bottom

there r no pins on sun unicycle pedals;)
i want my k1 to come in

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Practise until you can’t get it wrong; that is not the same as practising until you can get it right.

damn do i ever hate crank flips