Street/Flat Pedal Idea

If your pedals’ pins are screws, you could weight them slightly.

Get some longer screws and a bunch of matching nuts or washers from your hardware store. Take out all the pins on on one side of the pedal and replace them w/ the longer screws w/ the nuts on them already.

I’ve thought of doing this, but just on the rear pins to make mounting more convenient. It’s easier for me if the pedal is vertical than pointed down and forward.

If you only put the nuts on the pins closest to the wheel, there will be less wobble from flips and riding fast.

Since my JC pedals are over built IMO, I’ve also thought of grinding away some of the metal w/ a dremel tool, to make one or both sides more like Trail Mix’s + the inner and outer cages. I bet if I did that I could get them down from 700 g. to under 500 g. w/ still being strong.

Something like 3 weeks before a guy posted pedals just like this.
There was a website that sell them but I cant find the site now, I will look for it and if I find I post.