Stopped Unicycling, Will Start because of this.

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I used to unicycle quite a bit in California, and I recently stopped after coming to Norway. Not sure where to post but I was wondering if anyone has had experience with a mobbo? It’s an electric unicycle that I am extremely interested in. The price seems kind of high, but I’m looking for anyone with an idea of how it works and if it’s worth the price to have one of these…If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check it out in action in this link here.

Here’s a picture of it:

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I don’t think that very many of us have experience with something like this. You can try asking some questions in this thread though.

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I’m in school most of the day.
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During all the time you spend in school, pay attention when your English teacher discusses Homonyms. For example, you might “break” the rules if you don’t “brake” in time.

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probably works similar to a segway

it has sensors, and helps keep u balanced fore-aft.

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Mobbo looks like a cool way to freak people out. That guy looks like he’s standing still, but he’s not! Except in New York City (the video), where people are used to seeing odd stuff so you get a lot less attention.

Mobbo looks like a great way to get to work while burning about the same amount of calories you would while driving. Unless your car doesn’t have power steering, in which case the Mobbo would use less calories. :slight_smile: Definitely less fossil fuels, though!

Having gone on one of the Segway tours in San Francisco (fun!), I am aware that standing for long periods of time gets old fast. Even on that tour, there’s a break in the middle to let people walk around or sit down. I would much rather have one of the Self-Balancing Unicycles (SBUs) from Focus Designs. I’m pretty sure they go faster, plus you can sit down!

I don’t know which would be more interesting for “creative” riding, such as trying to do tight spins or artistic moves. It seems the Mobbo would allow more flexibility. Their 2:45 video kind of put me to sleep. Can’t people do anything more interesting with it?

Norway does have people riding regular unicycles–they come to Unicon. So there’s hope for pedal-powered unicycling there as well.

Standing burns calories.

Also I always wanted to make my own powered unicycle, with out the self balancing part.

I don’t see how you can have one w/o the other.

OP- Price seems reasonable, (I think it’s a lot less than the SBU)
Looks similar to the Solowheel

I tried the SoloWheel, it’s a lot of fun. Definately a learning curve but very doable. It might look like you are just standing there but there are a lot of muscles at work.


Mobbo is great. Been riding about 3 weeks. Takes a half dozen try’s to get it going. 3 minutes for three or for nights and you can be out doing a couple of miles around town turning heads and answering lots of questions. My 15 year old daughter and her friends all love it. Good exercise and keeps them out of trouble. There are a few showing up on eBay that are less expensive but may not have same specs. This is a great little machine and am sure I will be ordering another when the older daughter gets home from college at Thanksgiving. Feel fre to fire any questions my way.

Stopped unicycling after moving to Norway doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

It’s been done. Frank Malick made some gas-powered unicycles in the 1960s. I think they used different variations of the control system he was working on, but the one I’ve heard about had a thumb control, that you held in your hand and was wired to the electromagnetic brake/clutch mechanism. Moving the control back and forth put more or less power (or braking force) into the wheel. Powered, yet manual. He demonstrated one of his cycles on the Tonight Show in the late 60s.

I don’t think he’s blaming Norway, he may be blaming moving. Nobody to ride with? Not that having a Mobbo would help, even if it does have “Mob” as part of its name. :slight_smile: