Stoker Stem as Base of Touring Set Up?

I was talking to a guy at my LBS and he suggested a Stoker Stem. I hadn’t even thought of this, though I used to do some touring.

The stems are designed to attach to therear of the front seat post so that the stoker (rear rider) on a tandem has a place to mount their bars. Some are fixed length, but there also adjustable lengths.

I was thinking of using one for my 36er, run the stem out beyond the set snout, , then add a small piece of tubing at the bar mont for attaching long bar ends.

Anyone tried one of these yet?

Aren’t they very similar to the KH t-bar handlebar, except more expensive?

I think people did used to use them, but they were pretty expensive and a pain to get hold of.


I haven’t looked for it but I think Terry (Unigeezer) produced a video on this.

Can’t be that hard to find…

Here’s one I found online with minimal search. Actually looks like it would work with a modified bar that inserts into the angles frame attachment. Thanks for starting up the thread on this!

Is this what you had in mind?

Not to poo-pooh anyone’s ideas, but just to keep in mind…

One can get all the parts and tubing they might need for a handlebar for free.

Get a free bike from Craigslist, get an angle grinder, and cut it apart. Find yourself a local welder (or even better a hobbyist with a welding rig at home) and they’ll make any welds you want for cheap (~$20).

A little bit of work on your behalf can save you a lot of money. Plus, with the leftover parts, you can add pull brakes to your rig, make yourself a BC wheel, a penguin / giraffe / tandem, a trailer, etc.

There’s a thread about home made handle bars here, in case you didn’t see it yet. There are some pretty good ideas to be found including my own setup. I didn’t use a stoker stem because they’re really expensive. So I found a head seat style stem and cut it off. Works pretty well too and is much cheaper.

A stoker stem is pert’ near perfect but my vote is to save some money and use either an old bike frame or a cheep bike stem. Lots of good examples in munirocks link.

Silly me, but after I posted this thread I did a search and found a load of examples :roll_eyes:


I’m gonna get something going herer shortly.

Just another idea: Josh at UDC suggested welding a piece of steerer tube (1 1/8") to a KH stiffener plate, then using an MTB stem, I’d do the same thing as the stoker set up, but the stem weight would be reduced.

Any thoughts?