Stillstand endurance record - photo

If you think your stillstand is pretty good, then check this guy out.
Not even a missing right crank, the complete absence of a chain on his giraffe or the occasional seagull depositing its lunch on his head can put him off. Current time stands at approximately twenty years. I challenge anyone to beat this.

Truly wonderful.

Where is this monument? What does the plaque say?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

PS And please give that poor emaciated performer some food.

I think he’s cheating. Being frozen in carbonite (or similar) invalidates holding-still records.

How come you didn’t mention the juggling torches-not-going-out record?

I too am curious as to the where and why of this statue, and what the plaque says. We unicyclists definitely don’t get many statues!

theres a statue of a unicyclist inside one of the schools that i did a juggling show at. i was like “whoa a unicyclist… i wonder if he can unispin…”


This statue is situated outside the local council offices of Hove,
part of the city of Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom. Not a very
glamorous location. The plaque merely reads ‘The Juggler’, followed
by details of the sculptor.

Back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the town of Brighton
became popular as a tourist destination for people anxious to sample
the healthy sea-air and to dip their toes in the English Channel. The
health benefits of the local sea-water achieved legendary status and
was prescribed as a cure for everything from warts to arthritis. As
well as going for a splash on the beach, patients were encouraged to
develop a more …intimate… relationship with the water and all its
salty goodness.

All these people flocking to the town attracted street performers of
every variety, to part the tourists from their cash. This tradition
has continued up to the present day, and mad people riding around on
one wheel are tolerated with sympathetic smiles.

So a few years back, when the council decided to build a statue outside
its offices to celebrate the town’s heritage, it was a straight choice
between a street performer or a patient receiving a salt-water enema.
I believe they made the correct decision.

We found this in Brisbane City…


Re: Stillstand endurance record - photo

Kris comes very close – at the beginning of One Tired Guy. :slight_smile:

Dave Lowell (uni57)

you can see that in skilletto too, there’s a link on Kris’s website to it. i’d highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already, it’s amazing!


That sort of Michelangelo meets Leroy Neiman.

Any idea what the story behind that is, Andrew?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

i find it fascinating that they decided to feature not simply a juggler, but a fire juggler
and not only that but a unicycling one
and not a ‘normal’ unicycle either, but a giraffe
and not even a ‘normal’ girafffe
(can the absence of chain be explained by assuming it’s some kind of direct drive raffie?)
and then they call it ‘The Juggler’?!?


michelangelo meets jim rose?


oh yes, please allow me to add that i thought the title of this thread was very funny


Everything gets called a juggler. Unless it’s a clown. My favorite example is a guy, dressed as a clown, juggling five torches on a 12’ unicycle. What do the passers-by say? “Look at the clown!”

It looks like a guy on a unicycle knocking down a pedestrian. Or a unicycle sumo match that just ended, with the loser’s unicycle out of the picture.

This would seem to be the appropriate time to add this bit of public “unicycle art.” Go to the Capitol Building in downtown Sacramento, CA, and you will see three bronze seals in the area of the front steps:


So what, you say? Look a little closer:
(I don’t know how to attach more than one photo at a time)


So what the heck is that, and what’s it mean on there? I have not been able to find this out with a web search. You can find out all sorts of stuff about the California State Seal, which is next to this one, but not about the two side seals. Have fun researching! :slight_smile:


And there is a uni on that seal?

hey look, John answered!

That looks like JF on his BC wheel! (No, I’m not calling you a flat head).


I sent email to the California State Library reference staff. Below is our exchange.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

>Dear Librarians,

>Outside the Capitol building in Sacramento is the seal:


>If you look directly above the date 1769 there is what
>appears to be a unicycle depicted. It seems unlikely that
>that is actually what it is. Could you help in determining
>what that symbol is or direct me to a source that explains
>the images on this seal?

>Many thanks,
>Raphael Lasar


The symbol above and to the left of 1769 on the Spanish-Mexican Seal depicts
a Mission Branding Symbol. These Branding Symbols represent the Spanish
introduction of livestock to Alta California. All 21 California missions
had a unique brand to identify cattle owned by the individual missions. The six brands on the seal represent the missions at Santa Ines, Santa Barbara,
Santa Cruz, San Juan Capistrano, San Rafael Arcangel and San Luis Rey de

John R. G*

*Mr. G provided his full name, but I don’t know if he wants it blasted over the Internet.


the spanish branded cattle with the symbol of a unicycle?!?


YES, that’s exactly right. And continued to do it at least up to about 110 years or so before the unicycle was invented. Erik Van Danikin, eat your heart out!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ