Still learning

After eventually buying a unicycle with a 20" wheel I got on with learning to ride it. Within two days, practically non-stop mind you, I can now ride from one end of a car park to the other. It still seems hard and I need to give it immense concentration to be able to stay on.

Obviously it takes longer than just two days but at the moment it just doesn’t seem possible to ride the kind of things and distances that you guys are talking about. Now, I’m not saying your liers :slight_smile: but someone, please, give me a little bit of reassurance.
:thinking: :frowning: :angry:

Thats pretty much the way I learned, only stopping practicing for sleep and eating. I probably practiced 8 + hours a day at the beggining. It WILL get much easier. I probably learned almost as fast as you are, and within another few days I could ride a quarter of a mile or more, and now riding is completely automatic. I can assure you, it will soon seam easier than walking (except for the occasional upd) :slight_smile:

I remember when I used to think things were impossible…

Just keep trying; you’ll get it eventually! Welcome to the sport!