Stickiest pedals

I really need some new pedals. My current pedals are very crappy, so I’m having a lot of trouble with my feet staying sliding off. From what’s available on, what do you guys think is the stickiest of the pedals. I want something that will really keep my feet from sliding off even in wet/muddy conditions.

As you may have seen from Tom’s recently posted Joachim Miller gallery, when my feet slip off the pedals, bad things happen…

I use axiom double jump pedals, the pins on them are a bit over an eighth of an inch long, they are light, cheap and strong. I would highly recommend them.

Actually, I think what happened in that situation was that you were trying to jump off the unicycle and get your right foot down on the ground, but your weight was still on the seat and you had a bunch of speed, so the right pedal came around and took your leg out from under you.

I use Snafus and light hiking shoes; they stick pretty well. doesn’t have any pedals that I consider especially grippy (except for maybe the expensive Shimano’s). Best from that bunch would probably be the metal Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals.

I’ve been considering getting the Specialized Lo Pro Mag 2 pedals if my Atom Lab Aircorp pedals wear out this season. They’re listed on the Specialized web site under MTB Components >> Pedals. They’re $75 which is about $25 less than the Atom Lab pedals. Still not cheap, but they should hold up better than the cheap pedals.

Thin and flat pedals with the grippy pins do best for holding my feet even in wet and mud. That would be pedals like the Specialized Lo Pro and the Atom Lab Aircorps.

I think we’re both right, Tom. I was trying to jump off, but only because my left foot had just slipped off the pedal and things were going downhill fast - literally and figuratively. When the right pedal kicked my right leg forward, my left leg was already up in the air. With both legs in front of me up in the air, I was in trouble. We’re really deconstructing this biff…

Aside from that, I was having the foot slippy problem all day. I’ll check out the Snafus, probably.

natappin, the Axioms you mention aren’t on All the bike shops in Palo Alto seem to be geared toward street and racing, so for convenience sake, I’m just going to limit myself to what I can order from UDC. Thanks, though.

animal has some new pedals called hamilton, theyr cheap and have lots of colors

i like my odessys but there are some really griipy ones called shinburgers your feet dont slip off easy but if they ever do you’ll not like the out come

I haven’t seen any nice orange pedals in my very light travels yet :slight_smile:

just curious nick, why UDC, do you get deals there or something?

because there are millions of hard-core mtb sites that have gazzilions of times more pedals than UDC, not that UDC is bad, but for the grippiest, nicest pedals, you can look elsewhere online


p.s. those specialized pedals look really good, so do the Crank Brothers 5050s

The Specialized pedals can be ordered from any LBS that carries Specialized bikes. The Specialized pedals aren’t at any online bike shops because Specialized won’t allow that, so you have to go to a brick and mortar shop that carries Specialized.

i love my easterns. they have tiny removable screws that rarely slip…when they do though, they will eat your legs if you’re not wearing shin guards. also, if you ever need too, barefooting is a no-no with them

my pedal shoe combination is too sticky i cant move my feet at all

Check the azonic fusion. I just got a pair and they are great.

i like snafus. cheap-ish and really grippy. for better online places check of and

Wellgo B-36 pedals are nice. Light and really grippy, but I can’t say I’ve had tons of expirience with pedals.

The Point or Wellgo Alien II there quite the same but as grippy as nothing else.

Me and Shadowuni used to work at a Specialized dealer so we tried the pedals on our Munis. They weren’t really that grippy because there are so many pins on such a small pedal body that our shoes (both 661 Dually’s) kindof floated above the pins. We each bent ours pretty quickly. Also, we were with Shaun Miller at a bike trials comp and his left lopro stripped out 2 high quality aluminum trials cranks. I don’t really like any specialized products really, come to think of it.

The Kona Jackshit pedals (seen on this page part of the way down)
are the best I’ve ever seen for grip. I have the cheap version… I’m not sure on durablitity, however.

Get yourself a set of pedals with removable pins. We can go to OSH, grab some longer pins, sharpen 'em to a point on my grinder, then you’ll never worry about slipping again. Sure, the soles of your shoes will be shredded after a half-dozen rides, but it’ll take a miracle to get your feet off the pedals.

Heck, we could even thread some fatty barbed fishhooks and put 'em in your pedals. Just make sure you get your foot in the right place when you push down :slight_smile:

Seriously, just grab a pair of pedals with removable pins and you have infinite possibilities for grip… just make sure the body of the pedal is relatively beefy… some of those Snafus get thin in places and have a tendency to break (ask Corbin or Bevan)… also stay away from Wellgos, the bearings have a tendency to fail.

I got the Kona Jackshits on my muni and I find they’re awesome for muni.