Stickiest pedals

i rode the jackshits on my trials for a while…i was testing them out for my lbs to see what i though. i liked them but they fail in comparison to a set of jim cs which i am currently running. but i agree with maestro, get a set of pedals with removable pins and a good body and you cant go wrong.

That’s funny… I had Kona’s on my Muni and Jim Cs on my trials and I bought another set of Konas to replace my Jim Cs on my trials because I didn’t like 'em.


oh well to each his own. i work i n a bike shop that sells specialized products(mostly bikes) and i build them everyday. let me tell you, specialized bikes are acctually extremely well put together theyre very sturdy and we rarely have any repairs come in for them. im gonna be getting another one soon to replace my rockhopper comp disk bike. im thinkink a hard rock disk elite


I’d venture to say that the reason for this observation is because most consumers of Specialized bicycles don’t ride them very hard… I dont think I’ve ever come across a Specialized rider on any of the trails I muni… although I’ve seen lots of people riding them on the sidewalk.

I had a spezialised bike well 2 but they both got robbed :frowning:

Anyhow they was very sturdy and i didn’t have 1 problem with them :slight_smile:



i also work in a shop that sells specialized. their mtn bikes are good for the cash but nothing special. their road bikes have a ton of variety and generally kick ass. but we also sell felt, which is what i’m lusting after for a new road bike.

Specialized has nice components and nice bikes. I used to love riding around on peoples Epic’s that were so easy to setup. We had a sick Demo 9 in the shop for a while, and a couple of higher end allez’s (ultegra) we rented out. They were all nice.

My problem is I don’t want to buy a prebuilt bike. I want to build it myself out of the parts I want, the best parts. Specialized sells nice parts, but theres always something better out there.

As for Specialized bikes not being on the trail and being “sidewalk bikes” this is not true.

The shop I worked at rented out lower end bikes (Expeditions) so I spent a lot of time working on the cheap specialized crap. It was crap, but it was simple and didn’t need much maintenance most of the time. But I also worked on some Specialized bikes that would sell for $3000-4000…specialized is a high end manufacturer. Just like Giant, Kona, Trek etc all put out low end crap all the way up to competition ready stuff.

Yeah I should take it back, I did love the one roadbike we had in. XL Allez Comp with full Ultegra. Smoothest lightest (sub 17) bike I had rode to that point**. Could have had it for 275 at the end of the rental season… :frowning:

**Later rode my boss’s sub 14 s-works tarmac that he had upgraded to the max. Soooo sick.


I like snafu pedals a lot for anything not involving pedalgrabs and Odyssey Jim Cielinki pedals for trials. The snafus have awesome grip for me but the pins come out if hit a lot.

Yeah, the (sealed) bearings on my Wellgos did fail after about two and a half years of abuse, but after $20 they were running well again. Other than that, they’ve been awesome pedals. They should be good for the $76CDN that Bedford lists them for.

i toke my pins out of my DX pedals put grip tape on it anmd replaced the pins so damn grippy it rocks (if i invented a new idea for pedal grip i would like to take credit for it)

look on danscomp they have tons of pedals. I especially want to get these.

they have titanium 14mm spindles, sealed, magnesium, weigh 14.6oz. and look sweet. unfortunantly there about $115

dk magnesium pedlas.jpg

i took my pins out :astonished: then put grip tape/ emory tape on the pedals in stead so i put all the pins back in a voila great grip relitivelylow cost (if you use the emory tape ,which i did)