Oh yes! Finally a thread where we can all talk about our favorite RTS!

Username: Shizzims, I’m a zerg user(what else is there? ahohohoho) and you’ll usually find me in channel clan xhsx. On uswest.

So come play yall!

Dam wrong forum. Can someone move this?

dont think so :stuck_out_tongue:

uhm fail?

haha Chris got Owned :stuck_out_tongue: Didnt you know no one plays suckcraft anymore

My favorite parts were the inward small tripleflip down the 5 set and the 7spin on the tire.

nice vid man.

+1, though I must say the Spencer flip was the best.

The double front flipp was better.

Not true :wink:

lol at you chris :smiley:

Lol… Gilby should check his pms… Just let this thread die :’(

i played that starcraft game recently and didn’t think much of it.

Starcraft II is on the way:

Your opinion is wrong.

Zerg, terran, protoss… And rumour has it, there might be a zerg/protoss race.

This thread made me lol my pants

Man I hate internet Geekspeak


And yes I hate that internet geek speak crap. But it can be funny at times.

kthnxbai ^.^