Stanford Unicycle Basketball

A Stanford student and I are working to reassemble the unicycle basketball team! Right now we are looking for unicyclists who can meet at Stanford University to practice.

Please let me know if you can participate!

why was this not posted in news?

still looking for more participants, anybody in the silicon valley?

though I am an horrible player I can least participate to trainings (when working there … which is the case about 6-7 weeks per year - and right now -).
When do you play ?

Awesome, we will pick up right after spring break, which ends April 6th. Its not a problem if you’re not good. I’ll keep you posted.

Oops … I am leaving on April 5! (back home in France)
I’ll be back in September and November :o
so I will send you a private message when back …

Good luck, it would be great to have another local-ish game going. Once you get a schedule, let the Berkeley group know and we’ll see if we can get people together for a road trip to check it out.

Ah, that’s okay. If you’ve got spare time sometime in the next week I could meet just for some casual uniballing. Otherwise see you in 6 months when we will hopefully have something a bit more established!

Definitely! Do you guys meet Tuesdays? I may try to come out this week to see how the professionals do it.

Yes, Tuesdays at 7:30 PM (for warmup, games really start around 8:00) at San Pablo Park in Berkeley. Always glad to have another participant if you can make it.

Again wishing I lived a little closer! :frowning:

I really like uni basketball but I don’t get to play much.