Standard skill questions

I’m starting to put a routine together, but I think the rule book is a little unclear on a few points.

  1. Do I have to get in and out of a skill? (ride -> hop on wheel -> ride or just step up and hop on the wheel ?)

  2. Do the transitions between skills count? Is ride->hop on wheel->ride 1 or 3 (4 if you count riding) separate skills ?

Re: Standard skill questions

No, you do not have to ride in and out of the skills. However, you can list the transitions as separate skills. There is a whole section in the list of skills that are transitions.


I also have a question concerning this…

Do I understand you right?
So it is possible to go directly from hopping seat out in front to crank idle and from there to side hopping?


  1. No. But if you use a dismount between skills, make sure it looks nice and deliberate. If not, you could get a big ding for a UPD.

  2. Only if you list them as skills on your sheet. In other words, many transitions are skills worth points, but if you want to include other things worth more, you don’t have to list them and then they are not judged as such.

Yes. Unlike the skill levels, you do not have to ride “normal” between skills. This does not necessarily apply to mounts and transitions. For mounts, you must ride 1 rotation of the wheel in the end position, whatever the mount says that is. For transitions, you have to do at least 1 rotation in the “before” and “after” positions for the skill to get full score. Make sure you allow for those spaces. See the front part of the Standard Skills List for the full details:

Thank you!

Thank you from me too!

For setting up standard routines I wrote a validator.
It does not answer (already anwered) questions like those from above, but still you may find it usefull.

What Leo could have said if he hadn’t chosen to let his work speak for itself:

Take a look at this! This is not only a great tool for people who are putting together a standard skill routine, but also has a bunch of instructive videoclips for those who want to learn new skills!
It looks cool and is really easy to use.
You get your skill list in a nice printable format.

I like the ‘sort on highest score’ feature. Thanks Leo.


Thank you Leo,
I wish I’d known about this yesterday when I made my son HAND WRITE his skills and routine. Now he’ll be thrilled to do it over.

Wow, Leo that is cool. I have been working on something similar, but it doesn’t yet order the skills. It does make sure you have no duplicate numbered skills, no more than six transitions+mounts, etc., and you can ‘save’ a url that points to the routine. But half way through I decided I wanted to be able to save the routine in the database for future reference and refinement/cloning.

Is there any way for yours to work with the back button? When I wanted to go back to add skills, I had to start over again.

I improved the script using javascript. I use to hate making javascripts. But it seems to work well. It now has some pre-validation, and disabling of illegal choises.

With some more javascript I could make it an easy 1 step, using drop boxes in stead of checkboxes. But then it would become imposible for browser without javascript enabled to access the next page. But I think I will succeed fixing that later on.

Seems to be fixed. Well, that is in MSIE and Opera. Mozilla still has a broken back button.