Stack it up ~Medium~!

Hey! Here was a Stack it up game I know, but after the fifth trick it became super hard, so who wants to play in this Stack it up medium? :slight_smile:

I’ll play.

Me too, I can probably post a trick in several hours unless someone wants to do it earlier. :slight_smile:

Okay, you can post if u want :wink:

I’ll play too. :smiley:

I’ll play because I definitely can’t do a 7spin.

I’ll play too. :smiley:


I forgot to charge my camera so I haven’t filmed anything, someone else probably should start.

noone wants to start :thinking: oh come on guys, i don’t want to set because then i can’t stack it up for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

I join to…
if nobody set a trick till 20 o’clock I will start with the first one =)


I will start :stuck_out_tongue: and keep it very medium

stack it up :slight_smile:


Sorry it took so long, couldnt find the link on my phone.

Inward bigspin right?


Stacked up and uploading

sorry forgot to say it with the video. inward 180 unispin.

edit: just watched it… a little sloppy, I only did half the varial, so it could just be a 3spin… … or something…