Springer frame

I was wondering is anyone has tried to make a unicycle frame using a spring loaded bike front fork?

Actually, I recently had this idea for a unicycle portation framework.
However, if even practicable, the implementation would require someone who’s better than I am with chunks of metal.




I was thinking of this a while back but I think there would be too much potential for flexing. One side would flex down, and the other wouldn’t, and then you’d end up with the wheel hitting the frame, or the rider falling sideways, or something equally horrible happening.

apparently one side goes in while the other doesnt causing the forks to jam on an angle

Um, that is why suspension forks have a bridge…

There were some suspension unicycles being sold through e-bay a while ago.

Unless you are too short the better solution would be a seatpost suspension. thudbusters were common for MU in the early days of the sport. (mountain unicycling, not unicycling in general)

Now we have big fat tires which both give you a bit of suspension and better grip and control in offroad situations.

The other alternitive is to befriend lobbybopster and see if you can test out one of his contraptions.

The suspension fork I am looking at has a bridge on it so the wheel would not be able to flex side to side.
I have been talking with lobbybobster about his rides, just can not seem to find the bike frame.
It’s just another one of my silly thoughts. Now I have to see if I can build it.

don’t have a clue where I found this picture…


Given the “Worth 1000” at the bottom of the photo, it’s part of a photoshop contest on their website. Interesting design though :slight_smile:

John M

I’ve never seen a more poorly placed mudflap. Terrible.

What do you mean? It’s to protect you from splashes when you’re riding backward at high speeds through mud puddles! ;D

John M

yes, but it’s mounted on what looks to be the front of the unicycle. . . unless you like to ride backwards all the time : P

I like to just put my seat super low instead of the idea of a shock absorber. for comfortable riding you need most of your weight on the seat, so the shock absorber would likely be in decent compression as you normally ride. the amount of additional pressure to compress the shock wouldn’t give much feeling of squishiness, and changing ride height as you travel seems weird too.

plus, impacts will still be felt through your feet, which are directly connected to the wheel - i’d like to see the Muni giraffe with a suspension, however, that sounds awesome and very smooth.

alternatively, a sprung wheel would also make the entire ride soft, like http://www.societyofrobots.com/mechanics_robot_suspension_system.shtml or the michelin tweel:

Or you could use a pneumatic tire. Oh, wait a minute… tried that already.


Well like I have said in past posts, “I like to think outside the box”. I picked up a used mountain bike fork and have striped it down and ground off all parts of it that I will not need, ie, brake mounts, axle mounts ect. I have to find a 20" rim and tire to find out what has to be cut off the bottom of the fork as it was set up for a 26 inch wheel. Then I can figure out how to mount the bearings weld them to the aluminum fork. I am taking pictures as I go and will post them soon. I think it will be a neat uni when done.

check out the segway centaur, it used tweels too! I had imagined trying them on a uni for suspension! (and then I imagined the cost for a one off!)

I was thinking that a bunch of surgical tubing could be used, and kinda sew a sprung tweel. you’d need something like a tennis racquet stringer, to get the tension equal on all “spokes” - set it at 100(50? 75?) lbs of pressure per thread, so there would be 2-4 spokes on the ground at a time.

Anybody want this to play with? $10 + Shipping

Can you give me more information on it? Size wheel, size bearings to fit bottom, do you have bottom caps? Steel or aluminum? Thanks, Steve

Well, I thought i would finally post some pictures of my springer frame in progress. I have all unnecessary parts cut off, ground down and sand blasted. Cut the forks shorter by about 2 1/2 inch and the bottoms caped off and welded in place. Just ordered a couple split collars for the bearing holders, and have to place an order from Unicycle.com for cranks, seat, seat post, seat post clamp. I got a 20"wheel and tire off ebay and now have to make a stainless steel axle for it.