This thred is for all of you great unicyclist out there with sponsorships. So,what is the best and eazyest way to get one? ( Please dont say" First you must be fathomly aosaum(sp?)) I meant what are some good tricks to impress the companys? How long was the viedo you sent the company?( If you could post the viedo please.) and lastly what componeys will sponser unicyclist.

Il tell you what sabin told me, and it worked for me…

Just send them some clips of your biggest coolest tricks, and a really good letter, tell them how much you like there products and company and how oyu would like to promote there company and the sport of extreme unicycling…

as for footage you can send a short movie or just clips…get some unispins, drops, crank grabs, anything that looks cool, theyre most impressed by really cool tricks, send some street riding, or some impressive lines…

Cool thanks i am working on grinding ,so i think that will be my “BIG TRICK” unless i can learn the all mighty unispin. Any other tips? Do you think it would be better to send them a short 2 or 3 min moive packed with hard tricks or a long 10 mint viedo showing every thing. I am leaning towards the short viedo.

Short vid for shure, make it non stop cool action…show no fear, or hesitation, have fun tear it up, film it, send it…So who are youn going for the Sponsorship, and what is the correct spelling of sponcorship?

661’s maybe( I ware lizard skin’s soo…) Lizard Skins an dsome local bike shops. First i have to get fillmed.

Well your gonna need someone to film you, or get tripod…

friends… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my uni tube is poped ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i fixed it but cant get it back on ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my dads not here so he cant do it ahhhhhhhhhh

ahhhhh that stinks, go to the bike shoppe or something

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhi cant dad wont let me till he gets home ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Umm you cant put a tube on a unicycle…? are you seriuse…have your dad show you how when he gets home so you can do it next time…

i can… but the tire bead was super stiff and would bend to go bake on and i didnt know were he keeps the tire levers or what ever thay are called.

Hey about that sponsorship bye 611 or 661 lol witch eve rone it is what do they give you ? 50% on your unis or free pads or what ?

Just be sure and spell check your letter

will do.

Hey this sounds interesting and so on well extending on redheads question who would be a good company to go to for a sponsorship like for uni parts or whateva. and what would b some good tricks to put in the short film. i can do 180 unispins 180s, gona try a no footer 2day and maybe a nofooter 180, some gaps (140 cm) and rolling hops (150cm long and onto obstacles about 40cm high) what else would be good for the film.


from what caw89 has told me once grinding will get most companys to sponser you and many street riding

Honestly people if you cant even no footer you shoudnt be thinking about sponsorships right now. Just give it some more time :slight_smile:

whats wrong with thinking??? If No footer is jumping down stairs and taking your feet off i can do that… i think …

what about sponsoring for freestyle unicycling? Do you think I could get sponsored?

Can you get a sponsorship with just grinding as your big trick?

I guess it depends on a lot of other factors: presentation, balls, popularity…

The popularity thing brings up an interesting point… would it help to be well known in RSU before asking for a sponsorship? I don’t know.

Let us know how it goes.