k honestly if u cant evne grind now and ur thinking of putting a grind as ur big trick in ur vid its gonna be like a 1 foot long grind witch isnt that good

I dont think its how good you are neccasarily, no matter how good you are the company will only sponser you if they think it will be profitable for them. You could be really good rider, but if they dont think its worth it, they wont sponser you. Of course, that also depends on HOW your sponsered. If you advertise for them but you dont get much out of it, its pretty much free advertisement, so make sure you tell them what you want.

Im sponsered by Torker, and pretty much all the seattle bike supply brands, IE kenda, PRYME, red line, POTENZA, but mainly Torker. To be sponsered, Im (along with my brother and dad) putting on uni demos around Montana advertising Torker. See here.*

Ahh. Edit. Linky no worky. Go to about torker>news

I think you need to do more than a video, I think you need to do a demo for them live, and don’t listen to maxisbackintown, he is being obnoxious, if you get down grinding you could definitely get it, I would make sure that I was much better than I need to be because if you do a poor presentation at first than you can’t show them it again, and sadly enough, I think it is more the presentation and confidence that how good your trick is

ex: rock stars can’t all play guitar well, however, they can look good and have confidence

good luck

Hey Forrest thats pretty damn cool man!

But yeah tehy have to see somthing to be worth sponsoring you, it really helps to be good, but you have to tell them that you would like to promote there company and the sport…big street riding gets attention, and ballsey tricks…

As for Tyler, I havnt seen your riding lately so im not sure how good your freestyle has gotten…show me a newer clip i like to see one, and if your filming for your sonsorship it might help a lil to do it in an urban area, let em know you ride where others can see you to fly there colors you know, dont shoot it all in the garage or in your yard…

thank you all. Could you all post the viedo you sent them.

Umm nas, you can go to it yourself, its in my gallery, it was the old new video…i sent them a short version of that and some other clips…but that vid is basically enough to get one, its not all skill or video its enthusiasm and promotoing there company…

Where’s your gallery?

Also, who sponsored you, and what did you get?

Who else here is sponsored?

Look at my sig
| that should answer both questions, I only got a level 3
| Sponsorship so i only get 40 percent off and free stickers
| But still that helps pay for my gear…

its not hard to get sponcerd by sixsixone you dont evean need to send aney video

u r rlly dumb k go get sponsored if ur not good DOSNET MAKE SENSE

No it is really easy, but they dont always give it, my friend sent em a letter and some footage and they turned him down

i just did it on line go here and fill it out http://www.sixsixone.com/sponsorrequest.aspx

Ohh cool, they didnt have that when I did it…

Hahaha, bicycle or motorcycle?

dont think that would work just e-mail em

You dont think what will work

All the talk about sponsorships. Sounds awesome. I’m really lazy. haha. But yeah, just thought I would say that. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

you may not think so but six six one did

kinda stupid for canadian riders only us states