sponsorship request video

hey this is my sponsorship request video to unicycle.tv.
its short but i like it…hope you enjoy;)

pls drop a comment.

-hd will come soon :roll_eyes:

You’re a beast. the flip up 75 cm was sick, the handrail at the end, bayflip and fakie lateflip off the bench. Crazy.
You’re getting rediculous.

edit: and this video had some insane bails. the best I’ve seen in a while :wink:

+1 the fifthflip up the curb and down the 3 set was awesome and the 13 set? handrail too

thx matti and eli;)

eli you must see the bails from the doubleflip in the grass and the sideflip down the tabel (btw i broke 2 seatposts by that trick), i´ve not put them in the vid beacause ludwig has them :roll_eyes:

Wow, that was awesome. The 13 set rail was wicked! Everything was so awesome.

Haha, that exact thing at 1:05 happened to my Etnies … I just peeled them off, and it’s all good :slight_smile:

Great video,


yeah thats right:D

ooooh I want to see them really bad. I love good bails:D

after this weekend with the pöhams i will make a bails video i think…i´ve so much of them:D

I liked it. All good stuff. Nice catch on the doubleflip to the grass. Everything else was insane!

Awesome riding man! I bet you’ll get that sponsorship.

NICE Felix
i love your style
i think you became the sponsorship request :wink:


Best video I’ve seen in a long time:D

Wow! That handrail was brilliant!!

Awsome vid! the 13 stairs hand rail grind was sick! I liked the way you bent your seatpost at the end, was it a KH seatpost? it’s the first time I see a seatpost like that:p

My fave clip was the hand rail of course. But the flip gap was pretty awesome. You catch them so nicely.

Awesome vid, shows how awesome street is. Keep it up and I hope you get sponsored.

steiner managed to get sponsored by UTV so u should get it way easy man!!:stuck_out_tongue: i reckon ur good enuf to go for a big brand or somthin

plus i luved the rail!! awsome video man well done

what camera do you use?

Why are so many people against Isaac being sponsored? Sometimes sponsors look for riders who will represent them well by having a good attitude. It’s not always about being the best rider…

I’ve watched this video like 10 times now:p So awesome:D


Isaac may not know a crap load of tricks, but he’s so clean and flowy, he beats all of us.

But Felix, definitely sponsorship worthy. You’re such a beast

yes i agree with that, but unicycle.tv is a unicycle video website. wats the point in sponsoring someone for their personality wen its all videos? i dont wana watch videos of steiner talking to the camera or videos of his daily life.

yes i took it out of proportion there but it gets across my point