Split open bearing casings!

I was wondering what was causing so much lateral play down around the hub and why my tyre was rubbing on the frame to the point that it was no longer ridable…turns out I completely split open my right hand bearing casing.

The bearing holders on this frame are too small in diameter so that the bearings don’t fit snugly and there is a lot of pressure at two points the whole time. My guess is that this is the cause.

The frustrating thing is the the right hand crank is the one that’s really tough to get off and I don’t own a crank puller.

I can’t wait for this new muni frame of mine…that’s when I’m going for the full upgrade. I also broke a spoke too and am considering a new rim and smaller tyre than the 3" Gazz that has served me so well. I figure I’m doing a fair bit of more technical stuff and it would be nice to have as light a wheel as possible. But that’s another story all together.

Here’s a picture…


:frowning: Ouch, that really sucks. What kind of frame were you using? It could help save people with that frame from a similar fate.

It was a freebie…a prototype frame from unicycles.com.au that wasn’t sold for this very reason (plus a few others…it’s an early one). It will be replaced by my beautiful white custom frame soon though. :slight_smile:


get a wooden dowel and put it through the spokes from the other side so it connects to back the stubborn crank arm…then beat the dowel with a mallet, pushing the crank arm off.

(keep the other crank attached so the spindle doesnt come out.)

I’ll try that, thanks.

I had this happen on friday night, on my car. Removed the hub and the rollers fell out on the ground, think on…

What a cool photo!