My Bearings Disinagrated!

Ok, this is how it all started. I am the school mascot for the girls soft ball team;) . when i was riding around all of the sudden something went wrong. My bearings locked up and ended up in a bellyflop UPD. I slowly got up and looked at my unicycle shamefully as all the popular kids laughed at me.(im not popular but im a ldies man;) ) anyway i got up and inspected my unicycle. I looked at the hub. nothing wrong. i took a look at the bearing and BANG! the whole bearing was apart. one of the sidewalls on the bearing completely broke off and the ball bearing were exposed. I took it home and took the wheel off the frame only to see greasy ball bearings spill across the floor. My heart was broken. My poor 06 DX 20" was broken.

so far this is the longest ive gone without riding my uni. aproximetly 4 days.

anyone have any tips for getting new ones?. where do i get them. what size are they.
anything appreciated

ok well thats (a) not good and, (b) you should get that fixed, © i need to be a mascot for a girls team thats sweet man

The bearings did not disinagrate, you had the bearing caps tightened too much and it split the casing.

I did the same thing on my first uni, a DX, two weeks after I got it. You’ll have to order more bearings (ask PDC I think) and next time only tighten the bearing ‘holders’ untill they are snug.

they werent too tight
and wouldnt the bearing casing break along time ago, ive had it since the dx came out and i never messed with the bearing holders… would the problem hapen a long time ago? ok ill ask pcd about it thanks.

Not neccasarily. I put my first one together and didn’t do anything to it untill they broke two+ weeks later. (this was over a year ago)

Anyway, search for ‘DX bearings’ or something like that.


This seems like that kind of think you can buy easilly from bedford. Or order from torker through your LBS. UDC has bearing but apparently not those… what’s the ID and OD? OD is 40mm, right?

Something like this - Split open bearing casings! ?


yes… exactly accept the bearing spills across the florr wen i yook the bearing holder off


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: thats the sadest thing ive ever seen man! A person and his uni/muni seperated.:frowning: hopefully u can get the problem fixed. Try Then klick on zum shop. And then click on the British flag in the top left corner. From then just on look around. :slight_smile:

there’s a thread in rsu by jagur about getting dx bearings.

“a line on DX bearings” or something of the sort.

its by PDC ive already posted there. no one is answering me though. ill just give it some more time