Splined hub on 40mm frame

:thinking: Ok I have a nimbus and at some point in the future I think I’ll need to get a splined hub but the nimbus frame Bearing cups are only 40mm.
All of the splined hubs I have found have 42mm,
so is there anyway to fit a splined hub to a nimbus frame. :thinking:

I have a Koxx-one hubset in my Yuni frame. If you look at the way the bearing caps are made in the Yuni and Nimbus frames they don’t wrap perfectly around the bearing, really they just kind of sit ontop and beneith the bearing, meaning that a difference of only 2 mm won’t make a difference and should still fit.


torker dx hubs have 40m bearings, if you can get those bearings they also go on KH/onza hubs and maybe qu-ax. If the bearings are the right size they will last longer.

Are they splined?
(if yes could you give me the link:) )

42mm bearings fit in nimbus 40mm frames, I did it for years on my Muni and so have many other people. Infact UDC sells the hoppley, which is a nimbus frame with splined hub and 42mm bearings. Don’t worry about it in the slightest, they might just be slightly tight to fit in.

profiles are 40mm

Thanks but what are profile hubs? :thinking:

very good, but expensive hub…

Usa is a long way out;)

well if ur in the UK, just go for a Koxx or a KH moment splined hub… I mean they are the two best hubs around… profiles… are great but the price isnt justified not anymore anyways

I have a nimbus frame (40mm bearing holders) and kh 07 hub (42mm bearings) and no problems.

Alot of US people go for the profiles because they have a lifetime warranty on the crank arms and splined section of the hub, however in the UK they are very exspensive and the cost of shipping means that the warranty is not much use, so they’re not popular, infact I’ve only ever seen one set.