Spencer's BC wheel Movie

Well, I have been making a bc movie and I have been done filming for a really long time but then I didn’t have a firewire port so all my stuff was stuck on my camera…
I finally got to edit it today. I am not really happy with it because I think the stuff is too easy and I know I can do better, but now you guys have something to look forward to;)
Here is the link
There are quite a few guest appearances by my little sister, Hayley.

sweet that was tight. you are getting so good. I cant even barly ride a bc

thats better than anything ive ever seen from evan

that was a awesome video. i liked the forward riding and then right stopping the wheel with your hand and then going backwards. The stuff with the bench was cool too. Did you film anything for the collaboration vid?

What was your sister saying in the beginning?

She was saying she can’t BC because she isn’t as big as me. The collaboration video is next on my list :wink:

oh lol. i didnt understand what she was saying when she said BC. i could understand the rest though.

that crankflip on the muni was cool. was it much different then on a trials?

sweet flick. keep it up.

she still has a few inches:p

At the rate your NOT growing, hay might pass you up sooner than you think.

It isn’t too much different, its harder for me because I am small and a 24" is alot harder for me to control.

Psh, I’m growing…I have grown 5" since I started uniing.

thats was a nice vid man. the no footer looked really good, dont think ive seen that on a bc before.

That was sweet…I liked the no-footers near the end. Nicely edited too. Makes me wish I had plates for mine so I could practice.

from 4’5" to 5’ LOL

Your sister really is small… make it look like a coker or something.

Nice movie man. Great riding and stuff.

dang you must have started a looooooooonnnnnnnnnng time ago.

Haha, Evan…I hate to tell you this but there are 12" in a foot. I think I started at 4’9" and now I am 5’2".

2 years ago (unicycling not bc)

thats hot. i might order some plates from ntappin. what are the demintions (sp?) on your plates? i want to be able to hop once i learn. not to be a noob but how do ntappins plates look?

dude spencer, that was awesome man. truly. now that i ride bcs i know theyre hard. that no footer was insane. continue to rock.

that’s good right thar… i don’t care who you are that’s good right thare…

that made me smile, that video. That’s a keeper.

Here is a thread with the measurements of different plates.
I don’t really know much about ntappin’s plates. I perfer long plates and I think everyone else does too (except for Evan). I like my Bedford plates, they are pretty big so it gives me a bigger landing surface for no footers and stuff like that, they slide really well for grinds and the long plates give alot more foot support than short ones. I would be able to tell you more about ntappins if I have ridden on them, but I haven’t.