Specialized unicycle

Is this for real? Its soo cool.

(once there, scroll down to the botom then click on the ‘unipsycho’ link)

It looks cool, but I think it would be better withoutthe handle bars.



It would kick ass if it wasnt a joke…oh well
I wonder if someone actually made it or if it was made with a photo imaging program.


This image keeps washing up on Unicycle beach. Last time I saw it, it was Green- must be prolonged exposure to the net has changed it’s colour.


it looks totaly like a non unicyclist bike designer did this, looks like it’d be horrible to ride, those cranks are about a mile long, the seat is a bike seat and the handle bars are a serious liability. i suspect that the person who designed this hadn’t even considered how one actualy rides a unicycle.
still, nice idea and all but i’d sent it back to the drawing board.

I’ve seen similar images too - including one with a carbon fibre single legged fork (i.e. not a fork!) and I think a disc wheel.

Those cranks would be ideal for going up hill or down hill, but I wouldn’t want to forward UPD downhill with those bars! It looks to me like it would fit nicely on a 1970s sci fi book cover. Other than that, I guess it’s a concept made up by a non unicyclist.

This seems like a complete joke. I don’t think it would work at all, there have already been threads about the potential dangers of clipless petals.

“The Unipsycho bike was built in 1993. It’s designed to be the ultimate unicycle. Its design features a disc brake, carbon fiber construction and the patented steer with your rear technology.”

The picture, for one, doesn’t feature a disc brake at all. And the throwaway joke “steer with your rear” is an obvious jab a unicyclists. I don’t think you could even ride such a thing.


Yeah, I also noticed the disc break thing. I think they could have tried harder to convince people that it isn’t a joke. I think Specialized could actually make a very cool unicycle if they wanted, that would kick ass…er…bum.


I’m pinging this thread because I’m wondering if anyone has a photo of this unicycle around still?

I know what it looks like, and I’ve been meaning to contact Specialized for it for a quite a long time. Just didn’t get around to it.

It would make a really good time-trial Uni with a few modifications. Basically, I think road unicycles need to be set up more like bikes (ie lower spread out positions with handlebars). From memory the design was years ahead of it’s time…we’re heading that way now with longer handles and lower positions.

So does anyone have a photo of it still?


Ken Looi

I can’t see it but I think I have seen it before. It was in a book of all sorts of random bike history stuff and was labeled as a “mountain unicycle”

Ask JF, I think he remembers the name of the book/mag (he posted it here in another thread).

can’t see that either…

how about now??


That’s it! Thanks for that. Now it just needs to have a lower position and 36" wheel.

I was thinking along the lines of this.


i like my green one better. lol:D

that reminds me of that one guys red geared uni.

Sorry to ping this old thread for a second time, but I think the Time-Trial Unicycle position is kinda cool.

Here is couple of pics on Adventure Unicyclist (spot the real rider):

Too bad he has to stick his hips so far back relative to the axel. I think the biggest problem is that the more the rider bends over, the further the cranks are from being under their hips and which impedes the diaphragm. Looks pretty close to that old photoshopped pic though.

Why is it a pity? Sams centre of gravity is still over the axle, and it’s a similar position to bicyclists.

Ha. That picture was posted on my local cyclists forum a while back. The things they brought up:

  • You’d lose a finger trying to get a drink of water
  • Why does it have two breaks?
  • Why does it have any breaks?

What saddle is Sam using in that picture? A custom trimmed KH?

The fancy unicycle is fake, isn’t it? I can’t really figure out how that water bottle is going to sit where it is, without being inside the spokes :stuck_out_tongue: