Spark Shooting / Rocket Powered / Tri-Unicycle / Razzle the Clown / Yes Clyde Lives!

Hey, I am new to this community today but would like to share a video to promote our interest in Unicycling. It was 35 years in the making.

Check it out on YouTube - Type “Razzle the Clown”
or go to

Let me know what you think . . .

Thank you! - “Razzle”

I like the big rocket you rode around with. Not as crazy about what looks like sparks shooting out of your butt! :astonished: 3-wheeler was cool too. No parade shots of that? I guess it’s harder to interact if you’re stuck up there. But put something in the spokes to show the movement of the wheels and it gets lots of crowd attention.

Do you do the clown bit for a living?

Razzle the Clown

Thanks for the reply, John. I am a clown just for fun in numerous parades each year always trying to find new acts. The rocket and monkey are always memorable favorites. The spark shooting battery grinder mounted under the seat does get outrageous comments. As a clown you get carried away trying to make people laugh anyway you can so it is all a part of the act. My Tri-unicycle ™ is as dangerous as it looks and I have yet to get it on video in parades. I also have a rolling ramp I jump but do not have that on film yet either. Any other attention getting ideas are welcomed. Thanks! - Razzle

That is one great lookin’ monkey! The little furry guy on the smaller uni isn’t bad either. :smiley:

So good to see Clyde in action again.


Clyde the Unicycle Riding Monkey!


Thanks for cluing me into this web site and for providing Clyde the unicycle riding monkey. It is amazing to me that I stumbled on him on eBay and have had a great experience with him at parades. He is a part of the family. Thank you again!

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You are more than welcome! It is a pleasure and honor knowing that Clyde has a good home and is being well cared for. We love seeing the photos of him in his performances.


Here’s a brief video clip of Ben and Clyde back when Clyde was a midwesterner living in Illinois.

Outstanding, Razzle. Outstanding!

Can Clyde ride a giraffe? That would be cool too.

Is it wrong that I now want a unicycling monkey?

I always assumed that everyone did :smiley: