Spaced Out Reviews?

Hi everyone. Just wondering who out there has bought Spaced Out, or who has seen it and what you think. Of the music, of the editing, of the riding, and especially of my part. haha. And whats the best trick in there? I havent seen the whole video yet, but what I’ve seen has been great. I think Jeff did and awesome job and I really like the music. And i think my part is wonderful! haha


I’ve already reviewed it but I’ll do it again. I loved it, the music, the editing the riding, it was all great.

your (tugboat) part was my favorite, it was nice to have some street thrown in with all the trials and muni.

Overall the video is pretty good, but there were a few bad comments about it for the showing that we had at the Minnesota MUni Weekend. In the one song, there was some disappointment in the profanity that was in it by some parents that were in the audience. This will likely prevent many people from buying the video as a lot of young kids will want to watch it but their parents will not let them once they hear that music. There was also a comment about how some of the stuff is vandalizing public property… not something we want to be known for like skateboarders are known for. One thing I noticed was that the titling in the video was off the screen. It would show up fine on a computer screen, but on most regular TVs it goes off the edge and reads stuff like “arl Hoyer” and “yan Atkins”

Yeah, I fit that description. I bought it before seeing it, but don’t want my 10-year-old listening to that. I saw the screening at the CA Muni Weekend, and was thinking about that relative to the several really young kids that were in the audience. It’s PG-13 at a minimum in that regard.

Too bad, too, since the profanity in that one piece of music really has no connection with the content, or with the music from the rest of the movie. As a result, it really sticks out, and distracts from the fantastic riding that’s happening.

I bought three copies and found them to be remarkably similar. I also liked Kevin’s riding sequences and was glad to finally see Tugboat appear in a professional video. I’ve seen alot of his short clips and he’s a good rider with exciting moves so I was pleased to see him featured.

The different music genre appealed to me also and I am not averse to profanity except around children. I have to agree with the assessment that it is sad that the song in question will keep parents from letting their younger children see the video. Lots of kids would be attracted to this sport if they could see what’s being done in it at the very edge. It’s easier not to buy it and not to show it than to try to spot edit it everytime.

I do, however, think that the particular song and lyrics fit the riding and video sequence very well. It’s a statement of proud, indifferent, and arrogant dissociation from the mainstream with one of the most extreme riders of the time being featured. That’s just a matter of taste (or tastelessness) in my case.

I had no problems with screen cutoff using a DVD player and television. Those other guys must have been smoking crack when they watched it.

I guess I can see that point, although an Ornette Coleman tune could have made the same association w/o the lyrics. Or maybe I’m just being “generational”.

Seriusly, you guys, as god I should know, censorship is the most awful thing you can do to children.

Also, I havent check these boreds in a while, and I do regard all of you as the smartest people on earth, so have you legalized my sweet sweet creation yet? free my daughter mary jane!


p.s. Worship is stupid, just become enlightened.

Logan! Welcome back…

sorry, but no.

also, uh, no offence to logan, but he doesnt deserve credit.

Peace and love are actually the way.

Oh, and by the way, Spaced out is totally sweet. It hella pleases me. I Highly recommend it to everyone. I got my copy from bedford Unicycles, The most mega wicked unicycling shop around.

Joy to all,

I was lucky enough to see the only NZ copy of Spaced Out and I really like it, I’d recommend buying it and watching it to any unicyclist (regardless of their age…)

There’s a lot of extremely impressive riding in the bonus footage, I’d like to hear the rest of Ryans(?) “and next thing BANG it bites me on my left nipple” story.

Quick reviews (based on variety, style and quality):

One Tired Guy

Riding: 7.0
Editing: 7.5
Music: 7.0


Riding: 7.0
Editing: 7.5
Music: 8.0

Riding: 8.5
Editing: 8.0
Music: 8.0

Spaced Out
Riding: 8.0
Editing: 7.5
Music: 8.0

Hey Pete will there be a copy at the NZUni weekend? Hope so, i’ve seen the trailers and think it looks awesome.

i will be visiting the Twin cities in MN from October 9th to the 14th and will be bringing copies of Spaced out. If you want to buy a copy contact me so will know how many i should bring with me.

my email is: iwascuredcrew (at) hotmail (dot) com

also i will be bringing my unicycle (of course) with me and am hoping to meet and maybe ride with folks from the midwest.

I watched Spaced Out the night that I got it(the second day of Cali Muni Weekend) and loved it. I am not the biggest Fan of the music and would have liked a little more variety, so instead of all mellower beats I would have liked some punk and ska thrown in there. My brother (A 20 year old Hip-Hop Radio DJ) said he thought the video was awesome (and he doesn’t even ride) and loved the music. So I guess its just me, as far as the music preferences go. The profanity didn’t bother me at all, but I live in Reno, NV so I am used to being exposed to language and such. However the very short section of cursing is unnoticeable, because I took the video into school and watched it with about 8 friends and 2 teachers too and they didn’t even notice it. All in all: Great Riding, Cool Ducks, Lots of variety, great riding, decent music, well edited, great riding, a fat bird, oh and did I mention Great Riding. A must buy for everyone.

I havent seen it yet.
I was wondering,universe 2 or spaced out?wich one should i get?

universe 2, hands down

and then Space out

Both! Universe 2 still has the top spot in my mind. But there is no doubt that Spaced Out is also a great movie. I actually like the song in question as much, if not more, then the rest of the songs. It is unfortunate that that song would deter some people from purchasing or allowing children to view this movie.

I suggest using a second audio track next time if you really want to have a song with foul language in it.


How many of you are guily of sputtering off with a sailor’s mouth on the MuniTrail during and after a yard sale (everything everywear) type UPD?

raises hand

My silly sugestion is to instead give it an NC-17 Rating. With any luck this will only further launch its cult staus and make it that much more (desirable) unatainable to our more impressionable generation of riders.

Hurry up, buy you’re copy of the UNCUT-UNRATED version of “SPACED OUT” before the censors block its current import and distribution outside of Canada.

Seriosly JackAss this video is not, UNi Trials and freestyle flatland is primarily an urban sport and the funk and hiphop beats laced up through this DVD fit tightly with the urban expression and over all feel this sport was born out of. Sadly generations of Sk8 boarding fans are growing up watching the hyjinx of the JackAss crew promoting violence and vandalism and over compinsation using 3 too many wheels. All this is avialable for general consumption on MTV and many local television stations as well if you dont belive me open you’re.

The newer Generation of extreme Uni videos are getting better with every new release and will likey continue to push the envelope as they are further promoted for mass consumption and distribution. I commend Jeff for sticking with his artistic vision, choosinga sountrack unconventual to most extreme sports DVDs and giving the films urban scenes a real street wise feel.

Perhaps all the film requires is a simple parental advisory sticker on the packaging; allowing Parents to be informed before they buy the DVD. This allows you to be prepared to discuss with your Uni Fanaticle children the “Time and a Place for Such Language” issue at your own leasure.

Hey, I wrote this whole post with out speaking like a drunken sailor, how’bout that?

I’ve been reading the reviews of Spaced Out. Thanks to everyone for their comments - it’s good to get feedback. I’m glad that many of you liked the video.

Firstly I’d like to say that, while I don’t really believe in censorship of an artist’s work I am aware that unicycle videos are likely to be seen by people of all ages, beliefs and backgrounds and it was my intent to beep out the offending words in “Rhythm” - in fact I did so on my original copy. The problem came a couple of days before I was to take the master DVD to have pressed. A lot of things went wrong - one of them was that the music was out of sync with the film. I therefore had tre cue all the music. Time was running out as I was about to go out to BC to university and I had to get the master copy in. A lot of unforeseen things went wrong and I was rushing things and I simply forgot about re-doing the beeping out.

As for the vandalising property - I’m not sure what specifically is being referred to. I don’t think that any of us did destroy or harm any property in any way. I agree that unicyclists do not want to get a bad image, but I find that when we’re out doing trials the vast majority of comments that we get are totally positive.

As far as the cut off letters on some screens (arl hoyer, etc), yes, I agree that that is a problem. The full words came up on my computer and dvd player, but I have seen it on screens where some of some of the words are cut off. This is the first video that I’ve made and I’ve learnt a lot but have made some mistakes. I realised that there would probably be a number of areas where I could have done better and that is the primary reason that I am selling the DVD relatively cheaply.

Harper - so all your three copies were the same, eh? … Maybe if you bought a few more you’d luck out with a different one…

In another thread Harper mentioned that he liked the cover. I really can’t take the credit. It was designed by Carl Hoyer (who is also one of the featured riders). I’m really grateful to Carl for all his help and support, and also to Phil Barbosa who took the cool shadow photos for the menus. While I’m at it I’d also like to thank the riders - Ryan Atkins, Ben Plotkin Swing, Joey Cohn, Kevin McMullin, James Cowan, and Carl Hoyer.

I now have a number of copies with me in BC, so if anyone out west wants to buy one they can contact me at ‘puffity at


i live in th U.S. and i want a copy, but i dont know whats the best way to get it, or from…help?