Southeast Mtn Unicycle Festival

First annual Southeast MUni Fest, May 4-6, 2007, in Asheville NC.

We will be having a downhill MUni race in conjunction with the Mtn. Sport Festival on Saturday morning, with a trials demo that afternoon at the festival grounds. Friday and sunday will be group MUni rides, tentatively being Trace Ridge and Laurel Mountain, both in Pisgah National Forest. You should be able to find more info online about the trails.

Is there a 3rd Annual Festival? I thought I saw a post for the festival to be held in Septmber 2009…

I hope so. A muni fest I could afford to make it to would be really cool.

September 25-27, 2009 in Asheville, NC. Here is the link.

Asheville Muni Fest

Hello - This is Ben Richardson of Asheville. I’m a friend of Adam Masters and the mountain unicycling club of Asheville, WNC unicyclists. 2009 will be the third festival. It used to be held in the spring, but we decided to postpone the event until fall because we feel this is a better time to highlight the Asheville area. There is much more information online about the festival. The festival name has changed to the Asheville MUni Festival and there is information about it online at

The dates are September 25- 27. Please send me an email if you have any questions.

Ben Richardson, Asheville

If I can swing it I’ll be there. Unfortunately I have two dedicated Fri-Sat-Sun trips, for sure, the two weeks after the Asheville Muni Fest! So why not three in a row right? :slight_smile:

You might have a group of Florida unicyclist swinging by. I sure hope we can get it set up.

Asheville Muni Fest

Glad to hear that so many people are interested in the Festival this fall - September 25 - 27. Please spread the word! We’d love to have people of all ability levels come. You wouldn’t believe how great the riding is here. There is something here to challenge every rider! :slight_smile:

Josh from UDC told me that he might come up and ride with the group during the festival. Maybe he could bring some demos? I want to try a 36er :slight_smile:

Hey Ben,

We have three riders in Asheville with KH 36s. I don’t have one myself, but I’m sure they would let you ride. Josh from UDC will be at the festival and I’m sure they will bring some demos though.

Last weekend we rode 50 miles in an organized road ride - the Fletcher Flyer. Yes, it is possible to ride 50 miles if you have the right equipment. Not recommended for the faint of heart though.


nurse ben I’ll bring my kh 36 to this, Id be glad to let you have a go at it.:smiley:

I’m in! (Barring any unforeseen issues). I’ll have my KH24 (single speed and GUNI), KH20 trials and I can bring my 36er (coker) and 5’ Sun Giraffe if anybody’s interested… Put me on the list! :slight_smile:

I’m really glad you are planning to come MuniSano! Sounds like you have all the right equipment! Let me know if you have any questions about the festival.


Asheville Fireman Shoots Cyclist in the Head

Just as I was going to register. I think it’s a sign. . . :astonished:

that’s un-fucking-believeable

the child is not safe on busy roads…so by all means shoot in the childs direction…what a nutcase

Count me in

Just signed up today, might bring a couple non-riders as well.

Alright! I just signed up myself. Probably just me. I’ll be bringing my KH24 (sans KH/Schlumpf hub unfortunately, it’s back in Switzerland being repaired :frowning: ), Nimbus/KH20 trials and Coker BigOne. I can bring my 5’ Sun giraffe if anybody is interested?

BTW: I’m looking at making a reservation at the Lake Powhatan Recreation Area, any preference to which Facility Area? I’m seeing Big John, Hard Times and Bent Creek? I’m assuming everybody will want to be at Bent Creek right? Doesn’t look like a big rush to make a reservation as it looks like everything is available right now… Just thought maybe for those camping we could coordinate/split camping site costs; or at least try to book adjacent sites?

Campground questions


I live by the Campground. I don’t believe you can make reservations, but I will check today. Also, I love your idea about coordinating the campsite so that everyone is together. In the past, one of us has gone to the campground ahead of time and reserved campsites for everyone planning to come. Thanks!

We’re having a meeting this evening about the festival and will throw around some ideas. I’ll make sure I come back here and update everyone on what is decided.

Ben Richardson

Mr. King

Love your video! Have you seen the new wheel Kris is making for the 29er?

I,m regestered and Three “non riders”, The wife and kids, 12 and 13yrs old.
Will there be many kids and family there?