South West Uni meet-Exeter, UK, October 23rd

There was a 5 foot giraffe floating around in Seaton… I’m not actually sure who owns it, but some gentle pestering might just work… :slight_smile:

A giraffe would be ace covered in lights in the carnival…

/me has emailled Ben to see if he knows.


that ride in quantoks sounds good phil
let me know when your planning on doing it? perhaps could do that north shore trails over the same weekend?

I’m keen to learn something from the masters :roll_eyes: because I’ve never really been told what to do by anyone elso who rides a Uni - so get ready to slag off my bad technique! Come to think of it, I’ve never met anyone else who rides a uni!

Hopefully see you all there.

Oh, what’s the score with unis to ride? As it’s in a hall am I going to be a bit unpopular with my 24" Onza leaving tyre tracks everywhere?


I’ll see if I can borrow a giraffe from a friend, (and if it will fit in the car) It may be available to ride if someone can/wants to, unless the owner comes along too.

I’ll be buying a non-marking tyre from Roger so my 20" can be used indoors. (there’s a dirt cheap yellow one on the website)

:smiley: would any nice person with not too long legs be bringing a Coker??? That’s something I’d like to try for sure! I’m glad they’re not in stock at the moment, otherwise it could be a very expensive weekend!

I’m coming!

i havn’t been on the forums for ages

whos going?


I doubt the Coker will fit in my car, as I need to get atleast 3 Uni’s and probably 1 or 2 bikes down (for the kids). I was also thinking of bringing the 29".

If you want to drive down to M3 J4a sometime you can try out a Coker, not sure which part of London your based.


Keith that would be great. I’m probably about an hour or less from you (near Richmond)

A Friday would be ideal, if not a weekend and I’ll bring my 6-y-o daughter. She wants a uni for christmas yippee I’m so happy. oops, slightly irrelavant but I’m so happy!.

We can arrange something at SWUM.

She can choose between a 16" or 18" then, my 5 & 7-y-o’s have these respectively. This is why I need to take so many Uni’s to these events…

Yes Richmond should be much less than an hour except on Friday evenings.

i think both butchers own it i am unsure but sure they would be glad to lend it to you. I doubt i will be able to make the meet but may go to the carny if thats ok? what is it you have to wear again?

Des - at the last BMW a slight mention of the Quantocks having plenty of riding for a BMW was mentioned. Hmmm…

I went there at the weekend for a somewhat ill-fated 29er ride; while pumping my tyre up a bit before setting off and talking to a passerby about not having had a problem with punctures BANG! the tyre unseats and the tube explodes. Bah!

Still, I had a good walk. There are so many tracks around, you can go up and down a valley several times without going along the same path twice; there are more technical or fast downhill runs than I can count and there’s no need to walk anywhere, there’s always a way to ride up irrelevant of how inclineaphobic you are.

There’s a tea room too…

Jon - whereabouts in deepest, darkest Dorset? It’s easily close enough for a ride somewhere if you like… :slight_smile:

Ben - thanks, I’ll try emailling Allan about the possibility of borrowing the giraffe. I have some uber-funky electroluminescent wire; it’ll look great up a giraffe! I hope you can make the carnival, it’s been a long time since I was last in Seaton.


SWUM Up-date

provisional time table-
12- acess to hall
12.30- warm up , followed by beginner/intermediate & levels pre test workshops
1.30- Levels tests and advanced workshop
2.30- Unicycle Hockey
4.00- Fun Games
4.30- Workshops session- Carnival workshop and what ever else is offered
5.30- start packing up
6pm- we must be out of the hall and heading to Honiton for the Cranival
7pm- Carnival riders need to be at meeting point in Honiton
7.30 Carnival parade starts
9pm- Carnival should be finished .

Riding in the Carnival in the evening- dress code is black for people and lights for unis. If your not coming to the meet but want to ride in the carnival you must let me know in advance so i can sort you out with parking details… You will however miss the workshop where we try and work out a few mini routines so you better be a fast learner! - will be there- selling small items of desire such as pedals and DVDs. If you want something specific- a particular trye , hub or a whole uni please contact them in advance to arrange your order.

Food- there are two corner stores in riding distance of the school, but bringing a packed lunch will and bottle of drink make your life easier. Tea Coffe and squash will be avalible free of charge during the day.Carnival riders are advised to bring a packed tea to eat before the parade.

The date of the NEXT SWUM will be announced at the unimeet on the 23rd.


the north shore at high action is only open on sundays and they prefer you to telephone in advance so they can draw up unicycle specific disclaimers, though they have written up disclaimers on the day for us in the past.

there are some photos and videos of high action on our site

If you are going to go let me know
there are a few people in Bristol who would probably come along.

As for SWUM is there anything other than the carnival that might require a unicycle other than an indoor one?

Blandford, so only 30 mins away. Give me a couple more months to get to a better standard and I’ll be up for it.

See you at Exeter…

…if I’m allowed indoors with my outdoors Uni?

Outdoor and indoors unis-

The carnival will be fine on any uni, the parade moves pretty slowly so a 20, 24 or 26 inch is fine with what ever tyre it happens to have on it.

In the sports hall- we need to avaoid leaving big black marks on the floor, also we need to avoid leaving mud on the floor- so Please clean your tyre before the meet if its dirty. SOME trials type tyres are a very soft compound that leaves black marks on floors. Try some tight turns on a pale pavement and see if you leave a black mark. If your tyre leaves marks and you can change it for a another non marking one PLEASE do.
If you can’t OK, but you better be willing to help clean the floor up afterwards, pan scourers work quite well!

If you only bring one uni and have a choice- bring an indoor one.

We do want to leave the sports hall in a good state as we want to hold another meet there in the future and not all the sports halls in exeter will let wheeled sports use their halls.


Yeah same here i have not been to the good ol’ sea side in a good while! Have done hardly any riding bringing my trials up after half term which should be cool i have also found the bike trails! After one kayak fell of the trailer at like 40 and cartwheeled across the road in front of on coming traffic only funny now as no one was hurt! i was looking out the mini bus all the time after that and spoted them! Can you email me the details sarah i might be able to make the meet i will ave a good look for some dark cloths. I might not be so good at routines but i will give gliding and that a shot if you want and its dry?
might be an idea to text alan he does not go online often

Good idea about texting Alan.

Its Sounds like there wil be quite a few people coming along.

Need a few volunteers to help out with beginners and intermediate workshops. Nothing too stressy, just introdueing people to some new skills like hopping, ideling, fremounting, funky mounts, skipping… anything like that really.


Oh ans Pound land have got some really cheap glow sticks at the mo, 15 sticks for a pound. Good for uni decorating for the Cranival

My friend Dan will definitely be bringing his 5 foot giraffe, and probably riding it in the parade too.

Latest on the Uni meet

Not long to go now till the SW uni meet. Its the time to be cleaning those wheels and putting the plastic pedals on. I’ve ust got in from the garage after brushing mud off three unicycles.

When you arrive at the uni meet you will need to fill in a registration form, IF you are under 16 you will need that form to be signed for you by a parent or other responisble adult who will also need to supply a phone number of an adult who knows you as an emergency contact.

It will help Barbara on the door if not every one trys to pay wth a 20 pound note. Its 8 pound for waged riders, 6 for unwaged ( includes kids, students, unemployed, oaps) and 1 pound for non riders ( parents/ partners). Please try and bring the right money with you it speeds up registration a lot.

Tombola- once again there will be a uni meet tombola so every one has the chance to win something , tickets will cost 20p…

Glo Sticks- will be selling glo sticks as well as other items of desire on their trade stand.

Carnival - Directions to the carnival start point will be given to everyone with their reg form. Dress code is Black trousers or shorts and top for riders and lights for unicycles.

I hope to see lots of you there. I’ll be the one called sarah looking slightly worried most of the day.


Hey sarah i text you no reply hope you check this, I can’t come to the uni meet but i might be there :thinking: I am going to exeter to get some climbing shoes, so would it be ok to pop in for a chat? catch up on whats been going on ect?

good/bad news.

bad news - my friend with the giraffe isn’t coming, so (naturally) won’t be riding it in the parade.
good news - I’m bringing his giraffe.
good news - if anyone wants to ride it in the parade let me know tomorrow, I’ve got some basic illuminations for it.