South West Uni meet-Exeter, UK, October 23rd

he next South West Unicycle meet will take place on
Saturday October 23rd 2004

Priory High School , Earl Richards rd south, Exeter.

12 noon- 6pm
with an optional trip to take part in the Honiton Winter Carnival in the evening after the meet.

The Uni meet will include Unicycle Hockey and Basketball, workshops for all levels from the wobbly up to the rather more advanced, fun games and a chance to chill out with other unicyclists and learn new stuff. There will once again be a tombola giving you a chance to win prizes from the swag bag.

Info and maps can be found on the SW uni met web page at

Riders who want to take part in the carnival parade will need to :
Attend- a carnival workshop at the uni meet
Bring- your uni, Black shorts or trousers and a black Top and any battery operated lights you can attach to your uni ( think bike lights, fairy lights, flashing LED things). The Unicycle group has been entered in the parade with the title “On One Wheel” so any-thing goes so long as as its one wheeled.
Transport- you need to be able to get yourself to and from Honiton. We have to be at the parade ground at 7pm and should be finished by 9pm.
As its a late finish bring some thing to snack on before the parade starts.
Hope to see you there.

Sarah Miller

minor bump.

Any requests or offers for workshops at this uni meet?

Also- Ben, can we borrow your uni trailer for the Carnival, it would be neat to put a battery opped sound system on board and have some one tow it along.


yeah sure, doubt i will be around for the meet but if you can work out a way of getting in your car you could take it off my hands if we met up for a muni soon! I leave sept 9th, so any saturday before that is great

Erm. Would anyone be interested in an outing to the Quantocks in the near future? My brother wants to come down for a weekend including a ride on some hills larger than Lincolnshire (ie. any at all) and it would be great to have another mini-muni-meet, as it were.

I’m going on holiday in a few days for a week, but the last weekend in August or early September would rock.

(I still have your lights, Sarah and Paul… I haven’t forgotten about them!)


Yeah maybe

Hi Sarah,

Any chance Danny could be the trailer’s DJ?! I had been wondering how to ride in the procession with atleast one kid…

The date is in the diary and I/we hope to attend.



I will do some workshops. We are hoping to bring some of the North East contingent down and maybe a little store as well if you want. Trying to put something together for all of the uni-meets, you know essentials (plastic pedals) and little fun things like earrings etc.


phil… im up for riding… ill be at uni meet too, if any one wants a lift from plymouthish theres room in my car

Does that include me?
I wanted to go down on the train, but father said it is an ‘awful long way to go for one day’…
I dont think he understands! tut!


its going off!! better bring some cameras!!

any one want to go to the north shore trails? or mount hawke skatepark?
come on guys… i need to film some stuff!!

Then come down for the whole weekend then, or even longer! Lots of places to ride around here.

North… north shore trails? Where? Sounds like fun…



Yes, you can come down, lets sort your dad out on Thursday at the same time as we decide how to anounce to everyone that BUC is going to be at Billingham on the 22nd to 24th April next year.


Please do let us all know when you’ve decided how to anounce BUC (2005) :wink: You thread jacker you :smiley:



Yes, will be sure to tell you when and how we are intending to announce that BUC is in Billingham on the 22nd to 24th of April 2005. We don’t want any rumours spread do we.

What is this about thread jacking… terrible, should not be allowed. :slight_smile:


Re: South West Uni meet-Exeter, UK, October 23rd

“sarah.miller” <> wrote
in message
> minor bump.
> Any requests or offers for workshops at this uni meet?
> Also- Ben, can we borrow your uni trailer for the Carnival, it would be
> neat to put a battery opped sound system on board and have some one tow
> it along.
> Sarah

Will definitely try to come to this! Have only had my uni for 2 weeks and my
shins are wishing I hadnt but I am addicted to it!
Cant wait to see some skilled riders who I can gain inspiration from
Mark in Swindon

Good to hear so many people so keen to come to the uni meet.

Ben- what sort of weight is your trailer OK to take on board?

Keg- If you want to bring 2 wheels for Danny I don’t think he would be the only kid joining us on 2 not 1. Think we might need to make up some “L plates” for those as yet too young to ride the whole parade on 1 wheel.

Roger- does that mean your offering to come along as a trader too?

All- think about how you can get as much light as possible attached to you or you uni for the Carnival. Poundland have some glow in the dark bracelet/stick things at the mo…

See you soon.

Yeah you can take it for sure i am not to worried bout getting it back as i will not be around.
North- yeah if i am around i am well up for north shore stuff,if you there with a camera why don’t we make a vist to mount hawke its self it rocks! Never unied it but it would be cool.
Phil- mount hawke is fairly “near” its in Cornwall i don’t no anything about the north shore stuff tho

there’s some legal north shore trails here


i was hoping youd know about the north shore trails phil… all i knew was they were called high action and they were in sommerset…
so we need to need to organise a date to do north shore and another one to do mount hawke…
is buc going to be in the same school as last time? im gonna survive long enough to do the muni ride next year… i always bugger myself up on saturday and cant ride!

Is any one planning on bringing a Giraffe Uni ( 4 or 5 ft) to this meet? there is a young man from the Plymounth area who wants to try a giraffe out, I don’t have one so could any one else bring one along? Please let me know if you will be…

2 weeks to go.