South African UniHoki

I eventually got tired of digging out the old one and besides, there are some 'orrible typos in there…, so I thought it’s time to start a new thread especially to inform any lurking South African unicyclists about the state and activities of organised (sic) UniHoki in South Africa.

Our venue is:

  • Rangers In-Line Hockey Rink
  • c/o Boundary- and Short Street
  • Linden
  • (The old Linden Tennis Club
  • Opp. Linden Police Station)
Maps here.

It being the Southern Hemisphere summer at the moment, we meet at 15h30 for a 16h00 start to the game so we miss the worst of the day’s heat.
The cost is still R25 per player (it’s been R25 for 18 months now) with spectators welcome to join us at no charge. A very basic cash bar (beers/coolers) is available as is a tuck shop (chips and coldrinks). For more inspirational victuals, feel free to BYO.
Please bring two T-Shirts; one (mostly) black and one (mostly) white. This helps with telling the teams apart.
There are normally a couple of spare sticks floating around. If you want to pick up your own, you should be able to find some floating around your neighbourhood Cash Converters, Cash Crusaders or local 2nd Hand Shop. Don’t pay much more than R50, and less if they have plastic heads. JohnJ normally has some plastic head cheapies he sells at R25.
We normally manage to play thru untill 19h00-ish and we play every second Sunday. During 2006 we might look at going weekly, but time will tell.

You can join us irrespective of your skill level. Even if you can’t ride yet, there are a couple of extra Tennis- and Basketball courts that make for wonderfull practise areas. If you can stay on the uni for about 5 pedal revolutions, you’re fit to play. Your main value to your team may only be your ability to get in the way occasionally (while on your uni, of course) but this will change as your riding-skill increases exponentially.

The main reason for starting this thread today is to announce our

YearEnd YooneeHoki Extravaganza!

on this Sunday the 18th of December.
We’re planning an Ox on the spit, vegetarian dancing girls and feral rabbit kebabs served with lashing of green salad and tankards of mead.
(No, not really, but we’re having a lot of fun in the planning meetings.)
We are however gathering quite a crowd of unihokiers together and it promises to be a fine way to wrap up the year.

If you’re in the general Gauteng area, please feel free to drop by. (With Friday the 16th[2moro]being a public holiday, I won’t be checking my mail or this board till Monday so if you need any futher info, come ask me on Sunday.)

wow, i didnt know there was any major uni activity in ZA.
are many people participating?

Does anyone play uni hockey/unihoki on a big wheel?


Check it out.
Where are you?
And how did that ‘Afrikaner’ bit sneak into your title?

No, we stick with the international rules and play on 20"s and 24"s.
When the sponsorship for our Coker Team comes thru, we might look at playing on those wheels just to help us develop more micro-control.

Re: South African UniHoki

cathwood wrote:

> Does anyone play uni hockey/unihoki on a big wheel?

We (east midlands) do, occasionally. Twice in the last year that is.
It’s good fun, but not for every week.

There is a pic here:

I believe there were:

3 x cokers
3 x 29"
2 x 24"
2 x 20"

The 29" is a good size to play on, I get the feeling that the cokers are
a bit too large.

We only play uni hockey though, not unihoki :slight_smile:



Specialisation is for insects…

ps. Not for long tho.

A couple of weeks ago, we hoped to be able to get 15 players together so we could have our first three-way tournament. Sadly, between people washing their dogs’ hair, doing their taxes and and and, this didn’t quite happen. In anticipation of the blessed event, I went out and bought a trophy for the winning team. With UniHoki trophies being rather thin on the ground, I ended up with a pretty pedestrian-looking ice-hockey trophy on a white marble-y base. Since we never had the tournament, it’s become a bit of a MVP trophy and has been awarded to Most Improved, Most Committed, Best UPD and a variety of other seriously deserving recipients. So seriously deserving that recipients have taken it upon themselves to get the trophy more in-line with the sport.

Ain’t she a beaut?

Im from Namibia and the Title means like die-hard african:)

If you ever make it to Johannesburg you must come join us for a game.

jep that would be cool (although I never played unihockey in my life)

Well, there’s always a first time.
This Sunday you’ll get another opportunity as we meet for our second game of the year.
We’ll be entertaining special guests Gavin and Tom, up from Kwazulu-Natal where they play for the KZN-Seahorses (the victorious team in last year’s inaugural Interprovincial Championships held during the SAJC)

If you’re in the Gauteng area, it would be great to see you on Sunday.
All the details are in the first post on this thread.

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, ride a unicycle, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

-Robert A. Heinlein

Can you spot which bit wasn’t in the original?


…solve equations…

Heinlein would never have put that in there.

So, are you playing on Sunday?

Out first UniHoki injury.

I mentioned our trophy in this post above.
Most recently Alan met up with a War-gaming/Model-Painting friend of his and this is the result.

And a close-up for some more detail on the skate-hiding green-fluffy stuff and the puck which they left untouched, allowing something for the next person to do.

On a more serious note, we had our first serious injury yesterday. After more than 18 months of bruising, no quarter given, fun-in-the-sun UniHoki, Heloise goes and UPD’s all on her own yesterday. She was on the opposite side of the rink from where play was taking place when she suddenly wasn’t riding here uni anymore. She landed rather badly and hurt two of her fingers. A bit of ice later and she felt fine to carry on and we played for another 30 minutes or so.
This morning they were apparantly quite bruised and swollen and a doctor’s visit confirmed that they are indeed fractured.

Heloise is a concert pianist.

She’s been refered to a hand-therapist for specialised physio-therapy (type-stuff) to prevent the fingers from stiffening-up while they heal.

I know it wasn’t my fault but I still feel like crap.

I want one of those lekka trophies, eish they are great!

Come play a game, you’ll walk the ‘furthest travelled for a game’ category.

Where did you pick up ‘lekka’, BTW?

And just in case it isn’t too late, we’re playing this afternoon again.
C U at 15h30.

An injury on Sunday. Nothing serious but I know how you guys love a bit of blood. Besides, I think Jason deserves extra bonus points for length and straightness.

jason leg.jpg

Our last UniHoki meet …

This Sunday afternoon we’re getting together for our last UniHoki meet before the Interprovincial UniHoki Championship at the South African Juggling and Unicycling Convention in Hiberdeen in KwaZulu Natal.

If you’re in the area on Sunday, directions to the venue are in the first post of this thread.

C U there!

This June, it’ll be two years since we started playing UniHoki regularly. In that time, I’ve taken to wearing rubber skate gloves to protect my hands. I play wearing a hydration pack as I had some problems with dehydration and I’ve fairly recently started wearing a helmet I originally bought for taking the Coker out on the road.
A couple of newer riders have taken to wearing soccer shinpads, mostly to protect against rapid-mount-induced-crank-ankle-scrapes. I recently found a pair in a second-hand shop and have been playing with them for a couple of weeks now.
Only problem is that the ones I bought aren’t the fancy ones with their own elastisized sock. You actually have to wear a sock over these. So I went out and bought some socks.
All told, getting ready for a game of UniHoki is beginning to feel a bit like going for a spacewalk and was definately reducing the simplistic man-on-unicycle appeal of unihoki.
I was also beginning to feel (and look, I suspect) like the Marlboro man.

Michelin Man! Sorry,freudian slip.

So, since I’ve haven’t really battled with ankle-scrapes recently, I decided yesterday that I would forgo the shinpads. Not only that, I would also announce to my colleagues that I would forgo shinpads.
Yeah, all rather silly.

We decided to play with one of the wooden balls again yesterday. We haven’t played with it for a while and the order with the street-hockey balls will only be here on Tuesday.
During the third game of the afternoon, I go rushing in on a loose ball, fighting Allan for possession. I succesfully lift the head of his stick to prevent him from getting the ball but miss it myself. The wooden ball is now right in front of my wheel and a Hookworm/wooden ball confluence leads only to a UPD.
Which seques quite nicely into one of those things I’ve been threatening to do for about 4 years now.
Take a hacksaw to the bit of the seat-clamp that sticks out beyond the quick release clamp. It’s not a major procedure and I should’ve done it ages ago.
Have I?



You betcha.

I’ll be padding up again next time.

Seatclamp comp.jpg

Bleeding Shin Collage Cross comp.jpg