Singing in the rain

Hockey last night was great. Shame on everybody who wasn’t there :slight_smile:

The original plan was to play multiball hockey, but it was raining quite
a bit so we just played as normal. There were only seven of us there so,
I guess we get to call ourselves “hardcore”. The rain carried on
throughout the game, reasonably heavy and completely unrelenting.

I’ve always thought of the pitch as being pretty flat, but was proved
wrong - we ended up with pretty deep puddles in a corner of the pitch,
in front of my goal and roughly in the middle of the pitch. It caused a
lot of miss-passes as the ball just stopped dead when going through
these puddles. The other drawback was the amount of spray - take a swing
at the ball and a lot of water gets thrown up as your stick pushes
through the puddle. Us all being who we are, there were quite a lot of
times when people were swinging at the puddles when the ball was nowhere
to be seen. I suppose we were all pretty wet anyway, so it hardly mattered.

We’ve certainly not played in quite such wet conditions before, but it
was good fun once we’d warmed up. Suprisingly there were less falls than
usual, even considering that I know I’m not the only one whose wheel
skidded sideways one the sharper turns.

All good fun.


Oh yeah, I’d vote for “hardcore”.
The last time it looked like rain on one of our gamedays, we postponed.

Multiball is great fun but you do need a couple of extra people to help keep score. The last time we tried it we played with a tennis ball, a wooden ball and an inline puck.
Do you play with more than one of the same ball or with different balls?

I hope you’re not insinuating that people where purpersfully splashing each other with water!, i for one, attempted to play the ball, and was incredably shocked and distressed if i accidently slashed a little puddle water on the gentlemen of the opposition. And i’m sure when Mr Himsworth picked up my unicycle and dragged it across the pitch and deposited it in the deepest puddle it was a pure accident with no malice!

There may be photos / video footage to post from my camera, i’ll be finding out if my camera was waterproof when i turn in on later at home

Cough fairy Cough

Hey! Just cause you’re jealous because we know what sunlight looks like is no reason to start casting aspersions.
And you can at least spell it right.

Cough Faerie Cough

(And I even spellchecked.)

Noooo, that’s the “mystical creature” spelling; the actual intention was the “big girl’s blouse” spelling. :slight_smile:


You calling me big!?!

remember that that our cousins that are far from our beautiful hub of civilisation may be unfamiler with the finer points of our great language’s%20blouse

But I spent four years of my life loving one of your Welsh cousinesses and she loved calling Hugh Grant, Tim Henman and the guy who played Bobby in The Practise “big girl’s blouses”.
I’m rather familiar with the expression, I’m just playing dumb so I don’t have to take offence and feel forced, thru sheer pride, to arrive at your next game with a South African team, ready to kick some blousy, if civilised, butt.

I did not drag your unicycle across the pitch. I carried it. And I don’t think I quite got the deepest bit, so it had better rain as much next week so that I can get it right.

On the subject of faeries or fairies, I would just like to make the accused realise who their accuser is:

JohnHimsworth, you, sir, are a scholar, a gentleman and a fine judge of whisky.

this is not the face of a scholar, but the face of a bounder and a cad

If it’s going to be like that then…


Ah, that explains everything! Rose-tinted glasses…


Which, by the way, are virtually impossible to get in SA (the perfectly round ones that is).
I found that pair in that area of london where the juggling shop is? Camden Town?
Should any one of you happen to chance upon a pair like those, please let me know as I would be willing to have a first born so as to be able to sell it into slavery to raise the money to convince you to please buy them for me and make it worth your while to post them to me.

Send word.

And five minutes after we had this exchange, I get in my car to drive home and as I drive out of the gate of the office park, I drive up behind this minibus taxi.

Ignoring, for the moment, the fact that I’m the only one still going on about it, I trust the accompanying photos will allow us to now set this big-blousy-fairy(sic)-unihoki-in-the-rain discussion behind us?
I even donned a brain-bucket for the occasion.

And while we’re talking Unihoki, which ball will be used for the EJC Spelling-Grudge Unihoki Match?

And while we’re talking about that, I thought I’d scare you with the kind of style you’ll be up against…

Oh yeah, he’s come a long way…


nice try, but we bettered the un-civilized foriegners at christmas
with a rather chilly MUni…

When did we stop being ‘colonial so-and-sos’ and become ‘un-civilized foreigners’?

17 meg!?!
Isn’t there a version available that the messanger boy can actually fit into his forked stick?

Famous Team!!!

You’ll probably have to do a search to figure the last one out, but I couldn’t resist. You have a very famous uni-hockey team…

Jesus Christ

Matthew Broderick

Paul Shaeffer (David Letterman’s band leader)

Sounds like you all had a great time

The people referred to are the 3 in the first page of this thread…I didn’t scroll to the end before I jumped in with my “brilliant” (sarcastically self-effacing) observation. Sorry for any confusion.