South African UniHoki

And if you’re reading this in Johannesburg or environs this sunny Sunday afternoon, we’re playing in a little over an hour.
Would be great to see you there.
Directions are in the first post of this thread.

I’ve been remiss in my duties.

We’re playing this afternoon.
14h30 for 15h00, would be good to have ya!

Here’s a Google Earth Link to our rink.
Actually, I couldn’t figure out how to attach the link, so here’s a pic.

If you’re in the area, come join us.

Hey, that’s my house! I didn’t know y’all were so close.

I’ll drop in and play for a while.

Just to get these links up in as many places as possible…

There are a couple of clips of our recent TV appearances now available on the web.

You’ll find the links here.

Congrats on the publicity! I will show these clips to the Cape Town boys. damn my internet connection - Will take 50 minutes to download!


I can mail you a DVD if you prefer?

Downloaded and viewed! thanks for the offer though.

about the interviews:

  1. That was some really nice exposure!
  2. when was this broadcast?
  3. You really know your stuff!
  4. The mumbles from Cape Town about a league are beginning to make sense.
  5. You have a very impressive beard.

Thanx, yes it was.
I’ve been hakking the guy from Super Cycling to come out and see us since we started a bit more than two years ago.
Persistence seems to pay off.

The SuperCycling bit was on Tuesday 08-08 and the Super Saturday was live on Saturday morning 13-08.

Smoke, mirrors and hanging out on these fora.

I bugged the guy from SuperCycling for two years.
Know that I will be on your arse untill the first InterProvincial Tournament.
(Where we will kick your stripey-shirted arses, but that’s detail.)

It’s developing a grey streak.
It now either needs to grow to Gandalf-size overnight or it’s going to have to come off.

I suggest you stay away from my arse - it is not a nice place to be near. I think that the convention is during varsity term, which is not cool :angry: . By the way, will there be any other provences competing?

Take it as a sign of maturity. Note, in no way did I imply that you are old or not young:p

We’ll probably have the Gauteng Unicorns playing the KwaZulu Natal Sea-Horses again.
Hopefully the Western Province Klipspringers (or what ever you decide to call yourselves) will also be there. The convo is over a long weekend.

About the beard, I just feel the need to whine about it sometimes.
It’s all about not going ‘quietly into that dark night’ and all that.

Long weekend - makes sense (Doh).

The priority is to learn to ride, then lose to you, then kick your arses and make you pay for picking on the noobs!

I like the way you think…

Three things.

Firstly, we played using the tennisball yesterday.
There seemed to be general acceptance that this is the way the UniHoki world is moving and we’d all hate to have our arses handed to us in international competition because we weren’t used to the ball.
To have it handed cause you really suck at the game is an entirely different and whole-heartedly acceptable possible eventuality.

Secondly, I fitted a Pink Tyre to my UniHoki Machino.
Read all about it here.

And finally, we’ve started adding names and numbers to the back of our shirts.

Just a quick word.
We’re playing a nite game tonight.
Usual venue, 19h00 for a 19h30 start.
We hope to have a bit of a ‘Rule Clarification Chat’ sometime tonight.

Can’t wait.
For the game I mean.

So how did the “Clarification” go? hopefully calm once more reigns supreme in South African Unicycle Hockey circles or did you have to threaten to thump anyone who didn’t stop playing violently?:wink:

What an awesome game!
I put Sunday’s ‘combatants’ on the same team.
Hey presto.
Sunday’s chat seems to have done the trick.
We’re still playing a vigorous game, but there is definately a commitment from all sides to keep the contact to a minimum, and it lead to a very nice open, flowing game.

We played a first half of 15 minutes, a second half of thirty and a third half of a full hour.

It was really kewl.
Nite Games might be the future.

Nite games are the future.

We’re now playing every Wednesday night, and still every second Sunday.
That means we’ve gone from once-a-month to once-a-week in the space of 2-and-a-half years.
We’ll be playing 6 games a month at this rate.

We had 12 players on Wednesday nite.
3 of them pretty serious beginners, so we played 6-a-side instead of picking three teams and playing a triangular tournament.
It was the largest turnout we’ve ever had and a couple of ‘regulars’ couldn’t make it.

I’ve been very slack.


We’ve discontinued the Sunday games.
They were cutting into family time and several players felt they would rather stick to the Wednesday night games.
Overall our attendance also started dropping so we felt fewer games, better attended would be a better way to go.

We’re heading into winter now and we’ve had a couple of seriously freezing nights. The die-hards kept turning up.

We’ve negotiated a monthly rental from the club, instead of paying per game as we’ve been doing since the start (and on the 3rd of July, it’s been three years). We’ve also engaged the services of a full-time referee. He’s an inline hockey player and refs on his skates. We’re paying him.
This has pushed up the per game cost to R30 per player (that about two Big Macs). We’re also now offering players the opportunity of paying R1000 for the entire year, of R600 for 6 months. Several players have taken us up on this offer.

We’re set to play again tonight and it seems like we’re about to beat our previous record of 12 players.
It’s about time.

If you’re in the area, pop in.
Details are in the first post on this thread.

Is there anybody that Unicycles in Durban? MUni, would be great, would not mind trying unihoki… Flying there on Sunday for 3 weeks. Not bringing any uni though.


Thanks Gild for pointing out this thread!!!

Great stuff so we started up UniHockey again, We moved the base from Johannesburg to Pretoria… We had our fisrt game last week tuesday…

Ok last week tuesday I bought a few sticks and made a few calls etc, to organise the game… Murpheys Law it rained like it can only do in South Africa and by 5h we were in the middle of a huge storm…

So with 10 people that came we decided to go play in an underground parking lot… What great fun… With only two people that has played uni hockey it was a great first experience for all!!!

Then on the weekend we decided it was time for another game. so we rallied everyone again and played on Saturday afternoon. Two Germans that were on holiday here joined us for the game. Man what good skills, I have never seen something like that…

So after 3hours of unihockey we were all smashed and called it a day…

Ok so in short that was what happened the last two times we played!!!