So I got me a Qaxle 36"



I just got my new Qaxle 36" uni. I was waiting for a new frame cause the first one I got in the box was an old one without the disc brake holder. Well, it happens, it wasn’t a problem for me.

BUT, even with the new frame, this uni is like… :frowning:

For now I did 2km with this uni. It’s not my first 36", and it’s not my first uni from QX, I already have a 26" QX (the one before disc brakes), and it works really well.

First of all, this issue (post 48) is still there. The brake caliper is positioned too high so the pads are not completely touching the disc, which means that the brake will stop to brake soon, cause the pads will touch each other.

As you can see, the top of the disc in under the top limit of the breaking surface of the pad.

Secondly, the Qaxle is too big for the frame. Spokes on the no-disc side are touching the frame.

I tried it with a “before disc brake” 36" QX frame, and it’s the same.

Thirdly, the disc is touching the brake holder.

The frame is not bend, the hub neither. the wheel is build correctly. The brake is positioned right (on the holder). Bearings are also positioned correctly. It’s just the basic measures/realization that are completely wrong.
Another possibility is that the new frame I got is an old one, made for the yellow hub (with disc adapter). Is there any difference between these two?

I have two options:

  1. DIY the frame: Grind the bearing and brake holders, tweak the brake holder with an 203 adaptator and replace the disc (as explained in the german post). :frowning:
  2. Resend it to QX/Reseller and ask for a refund. :frowning:

I will probably stick with the first one. I like the uni, it’s nice, lightweight, and everything else is working fine. But…

Are there any other owners of this uni? I would like to see if it’s only the one I have, or if it’s standard.

Any suggestions?

I’m going to send an email directly to David from Qu-ax, thank you for the suggestion (by PM) :wink:

Ok, so I probably found the solution :slight_smile:

I Just looked on some photos on the Qu-Ax Fb, and the brake holder on Qaxle frames is welded in different position than on my frame. My theory is that this isn’t an Qaxle frame. It’s probably a frame for the yellow hub.

Waiting for confirmation from David.

Yeah, that’s the problem. The brake caliper on new frames in a different position. So no problem, I will wait for the correct frame.

Starting to fall in love with QX again :slight_smile:

So it was the fault of your local dealer who put the wrong frame in the box?

It’s more complicated than that. Originally I ordered the new shortened version. First I received a frame with socket for magura, then I received this one, which was send to my re-seller from qu-ax.

To correct the above written: The frame jimmy received was a defective one. The Q-axle hubs and wheels are compatible to all QX Frames.

Photo from Qu-Ax

Well, the new frame wasn’t really the end of the story, but i’m not going to continue this thread, as i managed to make the uni usable and right now i’m enjoying it.

You said too little or too much. :wink:

Everybody likes a good story and yours is suspenseful and with pics :smiley: