so close to landing it

im really close to landing a 180unispin i keep hitting the cranks with both feat but then falling can anybody help

here is a video to show you what im saying (the last clip is one where i actuelly hit the cranks)

p.s it might not work right away cuz vimeo is a bully and busy

thanks for the help

Yeah, it says it should be ready in about 110 minutes! Man, you gotta youtube it. Besides, the volume can’t be adjusted on vimeo! I can adjust volume everywhere else; youtube, google, whatever, except vimeo!

i know but my computer stinks so bad that when i upload somthing to youtube its like error 5456633 ( i just made up the numbers just to let you know;) )

Well, just spin a bit faster and remember to land your feet in the place where you jumped, you’re close and should have them soon.

This is just how I do it, I jump hard down to get bounce out of the tyre which allows me to jump higher more easily and I seem to have more control that way. You just jump off the uni without using the bounce off the tyre to boost you up. Try jumping just as you bounce off the ground, it might help.

You can adjust it on vimeo, the volume thing looks like this (to the right of the thing that shows how far into the video you’ve gotten):

Picture 8.png

It doesn’t seem to do anything for some videos though. You change the volume but it still stays at max volume.

you can adjust the volume, its the little thing on the bottom right with a bunch of lines lllllllll Just move it with the mouse and it should work

From what I can see, you’re not making a committment to the landing. You don’t believe you will succeed so you’re heading for a bail before you even find out. Try making the landing (on the cranks or pedals; I learned it to the pedals) and then jumping again to get your feet (and crotch) free. When you hit that landing you’ll know if it’s something you can hop out of or not, but the “safety” jump should eliminate some of the scary part.

3 things.

1.Spin faster
2.keep practicing
3.never…NEVER put hellogoodbye in another video…gah.

It doesn’t seem like you are staying over the unicycle, but you are still commiting.

It looks like you jump away from the unicycle a little bit, and you still try to hit the cranks, so you fall.

Be sure you jump straight up, and practice on grass, so those bails don’t kill.

The number 1 rule to almost any trick at all: KEEP THE UNICYCLE UNDER YOU!

O and jump a little higher, I practised 180 uni spins for ages, not really making any progress. Then I jumped a little higher and they were easy after that.